The fairer gender
They can take more pain
The weaker gender
They need to be protected
The irrational gender
They need to be controlled

Well, no more.

“One is not born but becomes a woman”, says Simone Beauvoir.

Women have come a long way since suffrage in their fight for equality. Inspired by the movements of the past, the fight continues to this day. Our main struggle in the feminist movement is individuality and choice. The power and luxury to choose in our patriarchal world belongs to our fathers and uncles and brothers who mean well but forget that the women are sentient and capable creatures.

We are now empowered with the strength we see in our mothers and grandmothers and we are here now to take what is ours.
The battle field has changed women now take the fight to the world and to claim our freedom and we claim our power.

The power to choose for our selves.
The power to wear what we want.
The power to say what we want.
The freedom to make mistakes.
The freedom to be our true selves.