Upon meeting her, one is sure to get carried away by the sheer force of her personal energy – a typical army brat born and brought up in the beautiful city of Dehradun, Kamakshi spent most of her grown up life with her Grandma in Delhi while working as a corporate lawyer . Being youngest and also the naughtiest , little Kamakshi had her mama’s heart

Positivity isn’t the absence of negativity but an attitude each one can learn to inculcate . Kamakshi has had to deal with more than her fair share of  sorrows very early on in life. With the untimely passing away of her beloved mother and her father deciding to remarry , she was left all alone at a very vulnerable time of her life. While she felt for her dad’s loss and was happy as an adult to see her father wanting to move on in life, the daughter inside of her remained conflicted . These incidences took a toll on her and she battled anxiety & mild depression bravely. But not once did she let this affect her career and she continued to excel at her work and being the best rated employee  over and over again. Having worked as a valued corporate lawyer for 6 long years in the Indian banking sector, Kamakshi knew her spirit was craving  for a change and little did she know how her ‘sea’ of possibilities would come calling in the form of a fine young Captain of the Merchant Navy.  Upon their first meeting the two clicked and after dancing away the blues at the Navy Ball she decided to say ” I do” !

This sparkling love story was not without its own set of challenges of managing their life at sea as well as on land. In spite of being career focused, Kamakshi  took a leap of faith and was all set to let go of her desk job routine on land and embark upon the new adventure in her life had in store for her. While it was easy to fall prey to doubt, Kamakshi chose to look upon this challenge as a window to myriad possibilities and set assail for 5 long months with her husband in the Indian Ocean. Together they  faced two huge cyclones in the Indian Ocean this year and came out unscathed . While on ship, the world found itself in the lap of an unprecedented pandemic. Being on sea at such a time compounded their difficulties, as they were no longer allowed to step on land at any ports they touched down upon. For 150 long days she toiled in a totally new space , not getting to see family or even to walk on land. But Kamakshi didn’t let go of her spirit to continue looking for the silver lining and she utilized her time on sea by exercising, journaling, watching the sunset over the ocean and learning about how ships work . This phase breathed the much needed burst of creativity into Kamakshi’s life and she  soon saw her passion for cooking resurrect as she barbequed  fresh fish from the day’s catch for a healthy dinner . And just because she gave life a chance , she found her sea of endless possibilities in  a hopeless place and time.
Today she joyfully narrates many of the new initiatives she has in the pipeline that are keeping her productively busy . While contemplating to capture in writing her experiences of living on sea, she talks excitedly about her new craze for healthy eating and cooking. It is this new-found -love clubbed with her strong legal background of 11 years that have culminated into the birth of her very own baking endeavor which she likes to call ‘My Laws Of healthy Baking’ on Instagram. The endeavor  embodies the multidimensional role that food plays from being an instant mood lifter to providing fitness through energy bars

Kamakshi likes to look at her life journey as a quintessential of how looking at the silver lining will always bring in peace and satisfaction . She talks at length about the need to accept what life throws at us as she believes that nature is dynamic and so is human evolution …

Such stories of sparkle and spotting the silver lining no matter what the circumstance are, is what summarizes the spirit of today’s woman, who is open to taking risks in her life, courageous to step into a sea of possibilities and look for the silver lining in whatever life has to offer with a smile.

Shine on Kamakshi !

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