8th March is celebrated as International Women’s Day around the world. This specially curated day is to bring light to and focus on improving  issues around women; gender inequality and women empowerment. Thousands of men, women and brands associate with this day to remind the women that they are important and VALUED.

Here are some ways a brand can showcase their appreciation towards their their SUPER STRI’S, their employees:

  1. Appreciate female employees on social media: Launch a photography campaign to highlight women employees in your office. Take creative pictures of female staff members and showcase the roles and importance they play in your organization. Share these pictures on your social media profiles to highlight your company as a friendly place for women.
  2. Momentary Switch off : All those so called ‘working women’ have a minimum of two jobs. One that they professionally look into and earn for the family and second is all their home chores as a mother, wife, sister and likes. Women Need a day for themselves or a day to be pampered. Give them a day off or host a tea/spa party in the office. Allow them to de-stress.
  3. Menstrual Leave: Organizations across the word are initiating Menstrual Leave as a paid leave; here every women can get 1 day leave/women from home without getting a pay cut. This year, implement the same in your organization as well. Show your true support towards women by understanding their conditions. Organizations like Zomato, Gozoop Online Pvt Ltd, Fly My Biz have incorporated this in their calendar.
  4. Have a Family Day at the office: Ask employees (both male and female) to bring an important female family member to the office. Mother, grandmother, sister or daughter any and all are invited. Host a feast for them as a sign of appreciation. This initiative will help your business gain quality goodwill among employees while gaining their trust and loyalty as well.
  5. Professional development opportunities: Women need mentors, and be shown examples of career paths where women like themselves have seen success in advancing. Companies can make this a reality by offering female employees designated mentors and sponsorship initiatives. Organizations like IBM have an initiative called Pathways Program, a multi-faceted initiative that pairs mid-career technical women with career development resources like executive coaches, sponsors, workshops and learning labs.
  6. Counselling: offers “work life programs” to benefit women which could include, no-cost counselling on personal and family topics, subsidies for offsite day care and the Mothers at Work Program, which provides 24/7 counselling and support.
  7. Gifting: Gift your employees something that truly makes them happy, be it a service, product or both. This Women’s Day connect with the Strivaasa team to curate a hamper for your super stri’s filled with goodies they would LOVE. We can even host a styling workshop for them on that day. Connect with us on: +91 99999 29168 and make this day special for your Super Stri’s

This year, make one change in your organization to show your support toward your women employees and customers.

Comment below more ideas on how organizations can make changes towards their important women. Can’t wait to hear what you’ll have in store.