We come in all shapes and sizes,

Our beauty ethereally entices,

We glisten on your finger rings,

We are the best gifts one could bring.

What are we?

Does a name click?

A girl’s best friends, an essential in a lady’s wardrobe, they say diamonds are the way to a woman’s heart. Diamonds are indeed metaphors of womanhood, as every woman on this earth and beyond is as beautiful, as powerful as, as perfect and as unique as  a diamond. Since all our lovely goddesses are perfect in their own unique way so are their preferences. And their choices complement the greatness and glory that they beget from their inner pool of beauty. Ladies here is an archive of what your favorite cut in diamond has to say about you.

Princess cut diamonds:

As the name itself stands synonym to grace and poise, so are you, an epitome of pure elegance. Your bubbly vibe attracts your happy tribe. Your aura is as fresh as a daisy and you always keep a positive and sunny outlook towards life. The feminine innocence that your heart begets is where your pool of power resides.

Round brilliant cut diamond

An all rounder basic baddie with a diva’s attitude is what you are, the best of both worlds; minimalistic and basic yet evergreen. You are a complete package, filled to the brim with perfection. 

Marquise cut diamonds

An all rounder basic baddie with a diva’s attitude is what you are, the best of both worlds; minimalistic and basic yet evergreen. You are a complete package, filled to the brim with perfection. 

Cushion cut diamonds

You are as calm as a millpond. You are confident and comfortable in your own skin and the warmth that your aura projects makes you an amazing hostess, you are the best friend one could wish for. Your persona is a metaphor to water; you take shape flexibly in whichever situations you are put through. You are wise, calm headed, comforting and definitely an old soul. 

Emerald cut diamonds

All hail the queen of the diamond kingdom! Crisp, elegant, powerful, strong headed. You are the reflection of authority; the strength in your speech is a reflection to the roar of the lioness. Intelligence is your middle name, your words, your amour.

Pear cut diamonds

Hey there little miss sunshine! You are the sparkle that the world lacks; the goodness that you foster within your heart is what the world is in the most need of. You have the kindest eyes and an even kinder heart, you are understanding, compassionate and caring. You are symbolic of a warm fuzzy blanket on a chilly winter evening.

Oval cut diamonds

Bursting with brilliance, unique and fiery, you were born to shine, with that amazing personality seasoned with a little sass, okurrrr… you go girl!!! You add life to life to every party, with your contagious smile. You’d be the marlin Monroe if this world was Hollywood, ever-green, statement and legendary. You are ambitious, hard working and determined; for you sky is the limit.

Asscher cut diamonds

You my girl, are an old soul, dripping with wisdom. Your vision is indispensable and your judgment a fact. You project composure and always give the best advice when the whole world seems to collapse.  

Heart cut diamonds

Like your favorite you too have the biggest and the most giving heart. You have an angel’s soul and always wish good upon the world. You seem to have an aura deeply connected to nature. Your kindness and goodwill is infectious, you project and wish peace upon your surroundings, you have the hands of a healer and your energy makes the humankind hopeful.

Radiant cut diamonds

You are the-girl-next-door, with a little spice. The Plain Jane with that Dior glow, a simple yet sassy, your charm makes the world dance. Your simplicity and innocence is enchanting yet you love a little drama. You are that switch from a Saturday night to The Sunday Service that works with glee.

Baguette cut diamonds

You are the sinful foodie, and that projects in the choice of your diamond cut too. You live to eat and food is truly your bae. Just like you love food you love a good but small circle of friends, you are an introvert and food is truly your best friend.

Trillion cut diamonds

You foster the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone in your aura. You are independent, confident and have the power to turn heads. Your confidence is your biggest treasure and you sure do project monarch-like  power and patience.

No matter what your favorite diamond cut is, all you super stris are as brilliant as a diamond’s sparkle, unique and bright.

Article by our #SuperStri A.Amitabh