Corona virus, climate change, cyclones, high tides, extinction, endangerment and spread of various diseases are the hot and most talked about topics in the world. Every scholar, politician seems to be brainstorming in order to find solutions to these catastrophes and restore the social, economical and natural balance. Amidst all this death, devastation and loss everybody sought solutions and shadowed the roots of the actual problem. According to a study conducted in 2016, it was noted that India, every year, generates 2.01 billion tones of municipal waste which end up rotting in landfills. These natural disasters were all a result of the ecological imbalance that humankind caused in order to quench its undying greed. Since it is never too late to mend, humans can still make smart choices and slowly abolish the rate of this disgusting decay born of their lust. This World Environment Day we can pledge to move forward in an eco-friendly and healthy way which would not only prove to be helpful to our health, but will also contribute into making our planet cleaner and greener.

  1. Bamboo Bonanza

Bamboo is the world’s fastest growing plant thus it can be produced in large quantities in very short periods of time. Bamboo however may not look, but is a very durable and strong substance, it is also observed that tensile strength of bamboo is only slightly higher than that of mild steel, thus bamboo has the potential to replace the everyday toxic plastic that we use. If we look into it much further, we can see that the waste generated while welcoming bamboo products in our everyday lives is biodegradable and can further be used as manure, whereas plastic waste will only keep piling up in filthy landfills giving birth to even more pollution in turn. Bamboo furniture, everyday bamboo crockery, bamboo coffee tables and many other innovative products of bamboo can be inculcated in our homes which not only will prove to be very aesthetic but also eco-friendly and clean.

2. Friendly and Fashionable

Fashion in the 21st century is the most rapidly growing industry, since the magic and sparkle of fashion has impacted the youth; with this there seems to be a hike in the production of fashionable clothing and more is the fashion waste. As designs and certain kinds of clothing tend to stay in trend only for a very short span of time, later, either end up cluttered in some dark corner of our closet or decay with unsanitary waste. There are several other ways to actually stay up to the trend and at the same time give back to the environment too. Indulging in thrift shopping and upcycling is a great way to keep up with the trends while caring for our earth at the same time. Upcycling also provides with employment opportunities to various small tailor shops, in turn aiding our economy in these dreaded times. Since the world has transformed into a digital jungle, thrift shopping is now easier as you can easily put your used clothes up online for people to buy and style.

3. Wishful Wrapping

With the outbreak of COVID-19, followed by complete lockdown, many smalls business opened up online, since socializing is scarce in the times of the pandemic, parceling and home deliveries were the only ways to maintain some social contact, facilitating a drastic growth in the packaging industries. With this the demand for cardboard and paper spiked up to pinnacles, resulting in deforestation for timber. The world knows the ill effects that come crawling with excess deforestation; budding business and even big industries can lend kind hands to the environment by investing in reusable/ recycled packaging, in order to minimize deforestation, making our planet greener and healthier. Bubble wraps made of plastic can also be replaced by honey comb paper as it is renewable, natural and biodegradeable. Strivaasa’s packaging material is made up of a hundred percent recycled paper, so now you can indulge in, guilt free, while shopping from your favorite designs from Strivaasa.

4. Healthy Homes

Garbage disposal is a very grave issue to tackle in a nation of 150 crore, it is also observed that implementation of effective garbage disposal is not very up to the mark. Since the segregation of garbage produced in a household setup is not very complex, we can easily find ways not only to segregate garbage properly but also try to use a portion of our garbage into something actually fruitful. We can easily segregate all the kitchen waste [biodegradable waste], outsource some gardening equipment, loamy soil and actually forge beautiful planting pots from old plastic bottles, coconut shells and old earthern pots; and inculcate in yourself a very calming and fruitful hobby this quarantine. Lemon, green chillies, coriander and lemon grass are some plants that you can easily grow in, throughout the year and also enjoy the fruits they bear.

5. Conscious Choices

As a human, you have unsaid and civic duties towards your planet; mother nature gives us in abundance and we should always thank her for her gifts and try to give back by making wise choices. To start with, we can always invest in companies that promote the consumption 0f recycled, reusable or nature friendly products. Brands like Mac and Asa beauty, have encouraged customers with discounts when they, tend to exchange their used product containers and packets for new purchases. Adidas, the shoe superstars have pledged to reduce both its own and its supplier’s green house gas emissions.

It is time that we, now, atleast, open our minds to chance and make wise decisions. It is a fact that the ongoing disasters have caused great distress to human kind, the disasters that were begotten of our own ill deeds. Now is the time to bring about a healthy change and gift mother earth some greenery, as the gift we give to earth will prove to be a beautiful present to ourselves too.

Article by #SuperStri A.Amitabh 9 (aamitabhinpen)