“The future promise of an nation can be directly measured by the present prospects of its youth.”

John. F. Kennedy

Strivaasa got into an inspiring and fun chat with such torch bearers of a modern and prosperous India, the founders and hosts of OFF BEAT podcast, Anna and Ash; two young and extremely aspirational  women. The 17 year old entrepreneurs spilled beans on the story of their silhouette names and purpose behind off beat.

What inspired you to start off beat podcasts and what are your goal / Vision for it?

The podcast co-founders implied on how lockdown had brought the country to a pause and since the monotony has become unbearable. She and her friends decided to start OFF BEAT PODCASTS, they believed it was a fun way to deliver inspirational stories.

“During quarantine all around us we would like see people starting home bakeries, thrift stores and just like doing all these super different things and it was all just inspiring to see them, because in our own school there were kids who were publicizing their projects, we just felt like to be a part of this and tell more people about it so they can get a platform where they control what they say and they can like talk about it and just tell how they reached there.”

From your eyes where do you find women in this societal setup?

Being from an urban city they have seen all genders being treated equally, and reservations provided to women are the result of mere positive discrimination. this positive discrimination serves as a way to provide the female population with an opportunity to be addressed as equals both socially and professionally.  

“From our perspective, we are looking at it through a perspective of students, going to schools where nobody is differentiated, everyone’s equal and so we don’t see it as different. Obviously if we were in some other setting our opinions would change but I  can’t, right now go on personally and say that rural women have this issue, because I have not seen it, neither have I experienced it, so in my view everyone is equal.”

Does off beat podcast aim at uplifting and promoting women related organizations and causes?

 “We look at the stories, we need good stories, if the story is worth covering we would definitely definitely want to support and cover that story on the podcast.”

They also acknowledged how their thirst for exceptionally empowering stories had led them to Strivaasa. They also believe that initially they were looking into any story that inspired them and if  that had the power to inspire the nation, but gradually they realized that most stories were women centric and thus they truly witnessed the power of  woman kind.

 What is the story behind the names Anna and Ash? Prompt: as in how did you and why did you come up with silhouette names?

The two young founders were quite sure that they’d face brutal criticism. They were also uncertain of the success\failure that OFF BEAT has in its destiny thus they decided to keep it under cover.  

“We initially did not know in which direction will this podcast go, so we decided to just hide it for now, but later when we are really proud of it we will tell people with pride, that this is what we are doing and we are doing it with pride.”

In these era of crisis how does off beat podcast try to give back to the community?

Since most people are locked down in their homes, to battle this deadly virus; the reduced social contact, restricted exposure to nature has impacted the productivity and mental health of people in adverse ways.

“I don’t know why everyone has like lost motivation now-a-days. We are trying our best by providing them the motivation to get up in the morning and do things, because you could stay in your sweats the whole day if you had a choice, but to hear other peoples’ stories and relating to them and inculcating bits into their lives and helps them get out of bed and move towards a direction, as now they have these steps that they can follow.”

What does jewellery means to you? Is jewellery a staple in your everyday fashion?

They love to dress-up and accessorize, the lockdown has definitely caused a little deterioration in the dressing-up factor. They firmly believe how dressing-up can can influence a person’s being.

How often do you indulge in buying new pieces of jewellery in your wardrobe?

Both of the young entrepreneurs shared  with us, their guilty pleasure of indulging in jewellery purchases as soon as they land eyes on a spicy jewel design, “ALL THE TIME !! If it was not for lockdown, then all the time. In future I definitely wish to have a room sized closet.”

Is jewellery a form of expression for you?

According to them accessories sure are a form of expression for her and to all humankind, also the way she dress up resonates with the way she is feeling from the inside. They also believe in the importance of power dressing. and further explained as to how dressing in a particular way also provides them with everyday motivation and energy.

The two young entrepreneurs also indulge in a lot of homework before covering a story. They research on the authenticity and most importantly if the story has the potential to inspire. Where the world lacks motivation and productivity in the times of the pandemic, OFF BEAT podcast has gravely impacted its listeners by providing them a ray of positivity. The two prodigies sure do have a bright future and so does OFF BEAT podcast. We wish them great success.

ARTICLE by #SuperSTRI A.Amitabh (@aamitabhinpen)