“Helping hands are better than praying lips”

These two nine-year-olds proved this quote right. We always think of helping others, pray for others prosperity, but do we truly help them? In this pandemic where some of us have forgotten humanity; Ariana Jhaveri and Minoyah Mehra created Bathtub Magic for the sole purpose of making the earth a better place. Bathtub Magic provides soaps that are organic and handmade. The soaps are SLS and paraben-free, and all their proceeds go to charity. They started this business in 2020, and within a year, they have more than 1500 followers on Instagram. They are studying in the 4th standard and have achieved pinnales. Like the other kids, these young girls also have keenness towards different activities. Minoyah has keen eyes towards science and experimenting, while Ariana loves cycling and geography.

Like the world, these little curious minds got bored in this pandemic. They thought of doing something exciting and started selling lemonade in their building. But because of the Covid-19 situation and restrictions could not sell any, and eventually got bored of it. One day Ariana’s grandmother sent over some soaps, which gave the best friends the idea of building this non-profit organization. Ariana’s grandmother makes soaps as a hobby. The nine-year-old duo learnt soap making from her grandmother. They turned this hobby and passion into a mission to make other’s lives better in last year’s lockdown.

In a world where everyone is parsimonious and think of themselves before anyone else, these young girls deemed not to think about themselves and think about the needy. With the thought of making the world a better place, they decided to give all the proceeds to charity. Some of the charities they have donated in are Koshikha Foundation, Project Ikshana, Humanitarian Welfare and Research Foundation. Bathtub Magic offers variety in soaps with several essential oil fragrances. They believe in making all kinds of soaps, and the shape is merely an aspect.

The young minds could not commence this without any help. Hence, their parents stepped in for aid. Initially, they got the raw materials from Ariana’s grandmother, and their parents put some money into their organization. Apart from the funding, their parents also helped them with building their business. Minoyah’s dad is a businessman for several years, so they took some tips and help from him and, her mother helped them with the brochure. Ariana’s father gave them some tips on how to run a business. Her mother is creative and helped them manage the Instagram account of Bathtub Magic, packaging and coordination. Their parents imparted the knowledge to help them in building this business.

These girls have surely got it all planned, Minoyah wants her business to be successful and worldwide five years from now, and Ariana desires to make the world a better place by helping the people who need help and making more creative soaps. Minoyah’s advice to every other kid is that “All kids should be encouraged to fulfil their dreams and pursue their hobbies as professions.” While Ariana’s piece of advice is that “We should do a little bit to help others to make the world a better place by spreading smiles because we rise by lifting others.” Together these girls make a great team, and they will undoubtedly grow into successful businesswomen in future.

The world needs more people like Ariana and Minoyah. Few things to learn from these little girls is that we should strive to make the earth a better place and spread more smiles by helping others in need. Till now, the highest donation they have made is of twelve thousand five hundred rupees. Check out their Instagram handle(@bathtubmagic) to buy organic and handmade soaps.

Visit – https://bathtub-magic.in/

Article by #SuperStri : Rupinder Kaur (@rup_k_)