Fashion industry have a tremendous impact on people and the planet. Fast fashion is a style that moves from the runway to affordable stores as quickly as possible. They have made their name by giving us pieces that looks likes designer made at cheaper rates. The fast-fashion or ‘throwaway’ fashion trend has been facing heavy criticism for producing products without much thought for the environmental damage they may cause.

Toxic chemicals, dangerous dyes, thousands of litres of water and a huge carbon footprint are among the numerous issues that the ‘responsible’ fashion industry should be trying to tackle. These cheap, quick and easy, fast-fashion products end up in landfills on a large scale.

When people associate with fashion industry, they usually talk about clothing and often forget about the jewellery industry. The problem does not begin nor end with the clothing industry; the jewellery industry is much a part of the fast-fashion world. Cheap and quirky jewellery is perhaps not so cheap after all. It costs a lot to the environment.

Silver-plated or gold-plated jewellery, such as bangles and earrings, quickly loses its plating. They expose the cheaper metals they’re made of, often turning your skin green in the process and ending up in landfills, not forgetting the nasty
chemicals used in the plating process that will be rewashed away into our water systems.

Fast-fashion rings with plastic ‘gem stones’ that fall out after you’ve worn them a few times, and necklaces made of plastic

pearls and the large plastic earrings that are a fashion must have at the moment, will all end up in the bin when they’ve cracked, snapped, or broken. Not only are these products disposed of quickly but, made of materials (mainly plastics) that do not biodegrade and will spend their lifetime in the landfill releasing toxic chemicals into the air.

Whether it’s fine or fast fashion jewellery, there’s always a sentimental reason behind every piece of jewellery you buy, and you’ll want to wear it forever. Here are some quick and easy tips to take care of your jewellery to make it last longer:

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Strivaasa Jewellery is water-resistant but avoid harsh chemicals and don’t use in chlorinated water.

Avoid Perfumes

Avoid spraying colognes directly to your jewellery. Spray fragrances and apply lotions before wearing your jewellery. Make sure to air dry the lotion and perfume before putting on jewellery.

Avoid Workouts

Don’t wear your jewellery during your workout sessions. The sweat will ruin the coating of your jewellery pieces.

Clean and Dry

Use microfiber towels or cotton balls to clean your jewellery after every use. For deep cleaning use, water, dish soap and a soft brush.

Store carefully

Never forget to store your jewellery carefully in an airtight bag or a box to prevent tarnishing, scratches and dullness.

In these fast forward fashion times, let’s slow down a bit and use jewellery that lasts longer. Strivaasa believes in Jewellery that Lasts for a Lifetime. Strivaasa Jewellery is very good quality and, with a little care, it can shine for years.

article by #SuperStri; Rupinder Kaur (@rup_k_)