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July 18, 2021

Last for a Lifetime.

Fashion industry have a tremendous impact on people and the planet. Fast fashion is a style that moves from the runway to affordable stores as quickly as possible. They have made their name by giving us pieces that looks likes designer made at cheaper rates. The fast-fashion or ‘throwaway’ fashion trend has been facing heavy criticism for producing products without much thought for the environmental damage they may cause.

Toxic chemicals, dangerous dyes, thousands of litres of water and a huge carbon footprint are among the numerous issues that the ‘responsible’ fashion industry should be trying to tackle. These cheap, quick and easy, fast-fashion products end up in landfills on a large scale.

When people associate with fashion industry, they usually talk about clothing and often forget about the jewellery industry. The problem does not begin nor end with the clothing industry; the jewellery industry is much a part of the fast-fashion world. Cheap and quirky jewellery is perhaps not so cheap after all. It costs a lot to the environment.

Silver-plated or gold-plated jewellery, such as bangles and earrings, quickly loses its plating. They expose the cheaper metals they’re made of, often turning your skin green in the process and ending up in landfills, not forgetting the nasty
chemicals used in the plating process that will be rewashed away into our water systems.

Fast-fashion rings with plastic ‘gem stones’ that fall out after you’ve worn them a few times, and necklaces made of plastic

pearls and the large plastic earrings that are a fashion must have at the moment, will all end up in the bin when they’ve cracked, snapped, or broken. Not only are these products disposed of quickly but, made of materials (mainly plastics) that do not biodegrade and will spend their lifetime in the landfill releasing toxic chemicals into the air.

Whether it’s fine or fast fashion jewellery, there’s always a sentimental reason behind every piece of jewellery you buy, and you’ll want to wear it forever. Here are some quick and easy tips to take care of your jewellery to make it last longer:

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Strivaasa Jewellery is water-resistant but avoid harsh chemicals and don’t use in chlorinated water.

Avoid Perfumes

Avoid spraying colognes directly to your jewellery. Spray fragrances and apply lotions before wearing your jewellery. Make sure to air dry the lotion and perfume before putting on jewellery.

Avoid Workouts

Don’t wear your jewellery during your workout sessions. The sweat will ruin the coating of your jewellery pieces.

Clean and Dry

Use microfiber towels or cotton balls to clean your jewellery after every use. For deep cleaning use, water, dish soap and a soft brush.

Store carefully

Never forget to store your jewellery carefully in an airtight bag or a box to prevent tarnishing, scratches and dullness.

In these fast forward fashion times, let’s slow down a bit and use jewellery that lasts longer. Strivaasa believes in Jewellery that Lasts for a Lifetime. Strivaasa Jewellery is very good quality and, with a little care, it can shine for years.

article by #SuperStri; Rupinder Kaur (@rup_k_)

July 12, 2021

We Are Malala

“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world’’

Malala Yousafzai

The current world population is 7.9 billion according to the most recent United Nations estimates elaborated by World meter.(1)

Among the 7.9 billion of the human population, 3.82 billion are females.(2)

But according to the world literacy ration that only 73.1 per cent females are literate.(3)

The above are some population related statistics that require our attention this World Population Day. Women constitute half of the population of the earth. But according to studies, this half of the total population is undervalued, underpaid and undereducated. This compression is a result of the gender biases that prevail even in the 21st century

Women are often deprived of opportunities, education and freedom and are held captive with the handcuffs of religion, patriarchy, bias and prejudice. These issues are much more prevalent in the world’s largest democracy than in any other part of the world. Amidst this injustice and deprivation, the lionesses have risen and their roars have impacted the population hugely.

Malala Yousafzai, an activist who stood strong for women’s rights and was ready to even sacrifice her life for the woman kind. Not only did she stand up for herself but also fought for the rights of others. Her words and ideas were so extremely moving that, every year, the 12th of July is celebrated as the World Malala Day.

Here are some inspirational words by Malala Yousafzai from her autobiography ‘I am Malala’, that have the power to empower:

“We realize the importance of our voices only when we are silenced.”

Since ages women are deprived of rights and basic forms of expression. They are compressed with rituals and certain codes of conduct implied by the society. The importance of something is only known when one is deprived of it. This deprivation from the society has caused the woman kind to stand strong, with valor for their rights and fight for themselves.

“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.”

Like one lit candle is enough to abolish darkness, one strong voice can bring about a change in the world. When the world is blinded by the darkness of corruption and false believes one must rise like a bright torch and open gates to glory and revolution.

“I raise up my voice-not so I can shout but so that those without a voice can be heard…we cannot succeed when half of us are held back.”

When the world is cloaked by the dirt of prejudices and stereotypes. When voices of victims are silenced. One should raise their voice not just for oneself but also for the voiceless and silenced.

“With guns you can kill terrorists, with education you can kill terrorism.”

The pen is always stronger than a sword. With a sword one can kill a terrorist but with education we can put a stop to terrorism, discrimination and all social evils.

“We were scared, but our fear was not as strong as our courage.”

To bring about a revolution is a very arduous endeavor. But one should always stand strong, and defeat the fear and roadblocks with ten times the courage.

Malala is an inspiration and still continues to stand strong and fight for equal rights education for both men and women. She was also attacked by the terrorists of Taliban with gunshots, but her courage did not wavier. She rose with more power and fought for what she believed. Malala gave voice to the thousands silenced and deprived in the name of religion and caste norms.

“I told myself, Malala, you have already faced death. This is your second life. Don’t be afraid — if you are afraid, you can’t move forward.”

When your believes are stronger than the universe even death and terrorism fail to block your path. Salute to Malala Yousafzai, and thousands of other Super Stris, that believe in themselves and fearlessly aim to conquer the world.





article by #SuperStri : A.Amitabh (@anoushkacentral)

“Helping hands are better than praying lips”

These two nine-year-olds proved this quote right. We always think of helping others, pray for others prosperity, but do we truly help them? In this pandemic where some of us have forgotten humanity; Ariana Jhaveri and Minoyah Mehra created Bathtub Magic for the sole purpose of making the earth a better place. Bathtub Magic provides soaps that are organic and handmade. The soaps are SLS and paraben-free, and all their proceeds go to charity. They started this business in 2020, and within a year, they have more than 1500 followers on Instagram. They are studying in the 4th standard and have achieved pinnales. Like the other kids, these young girls also have keenness towards different activities. Minoyah has keen eyes towards science and experimenting, while Ariana loves cycling and geography.

Like the world, these little curious minds got bored in this pandemic. They thought of doing something exciting and started selling lemonade in their building. But because of the Covid-19 situation and restrictions could not sell any, and eventually got bored of it. One day Ariana’s grandmother sent over some soaps, which gave the best friends the idea of building this non-profit organization. Ariana’s grandmother makes soaps as a hobby. The nine-year-old duo learnt soap making from her grandmother. They turned this hobby and passion into a mission to make other’s lives better in last year’s lockdown.

In a world where everyone is parsimonious and think of themselves before anyone else, these young girls deemed not to think about themselves and think about the needy. With the thought of making the world a better place, they decided to give all the proceeds to charity. Some of the charities they have donated in are Koshikha Foundation, Project Ikshana, Humanitarian Welfare and Research Foundation. Bathtub Magic offers variety in soaps with several essential oil fragrances. They believe in making all kinds of soaps, and the shape is merely an aspect.

The young minds could not commence this without any help. Hence, their parents stepped in for aid. Initially, they got the raw materials from Ariana’s grandmother, and their parents put some money into their organization. Apart from the funding, their parents also helped them with building their business. Minoyah’s dad is a businessman for several years, so they took some tips and help from him and, her mother helped them with the brochure. Ariana’s father gave them some tips on how to run a business. Her mother is creative and helped them manage the Instagram account of Bathtub Magic, packaging and coordination. Their parents imparted the knowledge to help them in building this business.

These girls have surely got it all planned, Minoyah wants her business to be successful and worldwide five years from now, and Ariana desires to make the world a better place by helping the people who need help and making more creative soaps. Minoyah’s advice to every other kid is that “All kids should be encouraged to fulfil their dreams and pursue their hobbies as professions.” While Ariana’s piece of advice is that “We should do a little bit to help others to make the world a better place by spreading smiles because we rise by lifting others.” Together these girls make a great team, and they will undoubtedly grow into successful businesswomen in future.

The world needs more people like Ariana and Minoyah. Few things to learn from these little girls is that we should strive to make the earth a better place and spread more smiles by helping others in need. Till now, the highest donation they have made is of twelve thousand five hundred rupees. Check out their Instagram handle(@bathtubmagic) to buy organic and handmade soaps.

Visit –

Article by #SuperStri : Rupinder Kaur (@rup_k_)

Yoga is an art which is said to be more than 5000 years old yet it can alone help fight many mental and physical diseases which could otherwise take up a great deal of investment. Yoga was initially formed as an art of healing. It is surprising to know that there are more than 100 forms of yoga practiced worldwide. This World Yoga day lets all pledge to opt a healthy and an active lifestyle which will prove to be extremely beneficial. Strivaasa recently held an audience poll, asking their audience about the yoga aasans that they wanted to learn and benifit from. Here we are providing with a few of the yoga aasans on popular demand this world yoga day:

Yog aasan to lose weight-Chaturangadandasana

Chaturanga Dandasana or Four-Limbed Staff pose, also known as Low Plank. It is an asana in modern yoga as exercise. Keep the body straight and parallel to the ground, supported by the toes and palms while doing this aasan. Its tones the abdomen, arms and thigh muscles. It also builds resistance in your body muscles providing you with a strengthened gait. This pose works best when included in your exercise routine daily, once a day. It should be done atleast 5 times with intervals. Hold the pose for atleast 10 seconds in the beginning, progressing to holding the plank for one whole minute in one go.

Yog aasan to energise you- Marjaryasana/Bitilasana

Marjaryasana/Bitilasana or the cat/cow pose is a fusion of two stretches to gently stretch and warm up your spine. It stretches the back torso and neck, softly stimulating and strengthening the abdominal organs. The cat-cow pose also opens the chest, encouraging improved respiration. It boosts the flow of blood in your body, and leaves you with an energized sensation in mind and body. This pose helps fully when performed atleast twice a day, every alternate day. People with neck injuries and pregnant people should refrain from doing this pose.

Yog aasan to boost immunity-Dhanurasana

See the source image

The secret to youthfulness is a flexible and strong spine. Hence, this posture bestows its practitioner with the power to reverse his/her biological age. It also boosts immunity and cell health when done regularly. Those who suffer from excessive problems of spinal cord and disc should not perform this pose. If you suffer from severe stomach related problems then don’t perform this pose.

Yog aasan to boost concentration-Vrksasana

Tree Pose, called Vrksasana in Sanskrit, establishes strength and balance in the legs, and helps you feel centered, steady, and grounded. Vrksasana improves your neuromascular coordination. It helps with balance and endurance and improves alertness and concentration. It is best when done everyday, religiously early in the morning in a calm and peaceful space.

Yog aasan to build stamina-Navasana

Navasana is a compact pose that requires you to draw everything toward your center. It stimulates kidneys, prostate, thyroid and intestines and improves digestion. It strengthens your over all muscular structure and builds stamina. Everybody should do this aasan for 30-60 seconds in one go ; every alternate day.

Yoga is an extremely beneficial form of art, to both our body and beyond. Amidst this pandemic immunity and healthy are the most sought after subjects. Yoga largely focuses on the overall health and wellbeing of an individual and it can be considered as an abstract medicine that will protect us from this pandemic. A proper balanced diet, yoga and exercise are the vaccines to all our problems in life. It is time we realize that is ancient art has proven to be a modern medicine in the world now-a-days.

Article by #SuperStri: A.Amitabh {@aamitabhinpen}

Do you think your plain white t-shirt is a blank canvas? Jewellery will help you fill that blank canvas. It serves as the colour that will perfuse a canvas. Wearing the right jewellery can help you dress up or dress down according to the occasion. Jewellery helps to define a person; it tells us more about them by the type of jewels worn. For a modern-day woman, a look is not completed until the appropriate accessories are not added. You can wear your same outfit and look different each time with the help of jewellery.

Do you sometimes struggle with your look? Worry not, the fashion police cum stylists are here at Strivaasa and they are helping you fill your canvas with colour(jewellery). Go from boring to stylish by just adding some jewellery to your plain white t-shirt.

Ways to oomph up your look:

A girl’s best friend, ‘Diamonds’

You have all heard the saying diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Make your outfit bling by adding some diamond jewellery. Stacking up various types of Strivaasa’s Tennis Bracelets, Halo Solitaires and Emerald-Cut Band Ring pairing with your denim and loose hair with soft curls will make a good daytime look.

Be Bold go for Gold

Gold jewellery has always been in trend. It is something you can never go wrong with. Gold is a staple in the jewellery world. Statement gold jewellery is in trend right now, be it chunky gold necklaces, shoulder-length dangler earrings or cuff bracelets. Wear your tee on top of a silk dress and tie a knot around your waist add Strivaasa Gold Disc earrings and Strivaasa Gold Cuff bracelet or Gold Bangle bracelet, finishing your look with white shoes.

Silver Admirer

Invest in silver jewellery if you want something versatile. It gives a very relaxed and casual appearance and seems remarkable with both Indian and Western outfits. Create an Indo-Western look by pairing the t-shirt with a long Indian skirt and wear our Silver Chaandbalis or Indie Drop earrings and cut the ethnicity with a Silver Cuff bracelet.

Blush on Rose Gold

Did someone said a casual business meeting? Don’t be confused fashion police will guide you through it. Wear your formal pants tuck in your white t-shirt and throw a blazer on top. Style your outfit with Strivaasa’s Rose Gold Handcuff and Rose Gold Screwdriver bracelet and Reinvented Infinity ring. Rose gold looks great with neutral tones also is a unique fashion statement.

Colour Pop

Think of your white t-shirt as a blank canvas, use it vivaciously. Put on some colour and make it pop. Putting it together with various colours of clothing is not the only option, jewellery can also pop up your whole outfit. There is a science behind matching up colours in the fashion industry. The neutral tones are reckoned to blend well with ruby, emerald and sapphire. Go for Strivaasa’s Floral earring with an Emerald Drop or Sapphire studs during summertime. For winter’s you can opt for the Ruby Square Studs as it is a fiery and warm colour while emerald and sapphire come under cool tones.

Rock your Crystals

Are you a crystal girl? No problem, we got you covered. They give a boho-chic vibe further, they come in different shapes. Wear breezy Palazzo with your t-shirt, top it up with a kimono shrug for a beachy look. Put on Strivaasa’s Metal and Crystal Rock earring, beach wave your hair and tie them in a loose ponytail.

Always appropriate Pearls

Jackie Kennedy, has said, “Pearls are always appropriate.” If you cannot decide on what accessory to wear for an event, then pearl jewellery would be the right answer. They are classic but not basic. Modern jewellery has raised the standard of pearls. A floral wrap skirt with a tucked t-shirt would complement Strivaasa’s statement earrings, Pearl Diamonti or Gold with Pearl Drop for a brunch or a picnic.

A plain white t-shirt can be reiterated sometimes but using a dash of jewellery serves as a fun element on your appearance. The Fashion Police has performed its purpose and now it’s time to sign off. 

Shop these looks at Strivaasa and comment below how would you style your plain white t-shirt.

Article by #SuperStri: Rupinder Kaur (Instagram handle: rup_k_)

“The future promise of an nation can be directly measured by the present prospects of its youth.”

John. F. Kennedy

Strivaasa got into an inspiring and fun chat with such torch bearers of a modern and prosperous India, the founders and hosts of OFF BEAT podcast, Anna and Ash; two young and extremely aspirational  women. The 17 year old entrepreneurs spilled beans on the story of their silhouette names and purpose behind off beat.

What inspired you to start off beat podcasts and what are your goal / Vision for it?

The podcast co-founders implied on how lockdown had brought the country to a pause and since the monotony has become unbearable. She and her friends decided to start OFF BEAT PODCASTS, they believed it was a fun way to deliver inspirational stories.

“During quarantine all around us we would like see people starting home bakeries, thrift stores and just like doing all these super different things and it was all just inspiring to see them, because in our own school there were kids who were publicizing their projects, we just felt like to be a part of this and tell more people about it so they can get a platform where they control what they say and they can like talk about it and just tell how they reached there.”

From your eyes where do you find women in this societal setup?

Being from an urban city they have seen all genders being treated equally, and reservations provided to women are the result of mere positive discrimination. this positive discrimination serves as a way to provide the female population with an opportunity to be addressed as equals both socially and professionally.  

“From our perspective, we are looking at it through a perspective of students, going to schools where nobody is differentiated, everyone’s equal and so we don’t see it as different. Obviously if we were in some other setting our opinions would change but I  can’t, right now go on personally and say that rural women have this issue, because I have not seen it, neither have I experienced it, so in my view everyone is equal.”

Does off beat podcast aim at uplifting and promoting women related organizations and causes?

 “We look at the stories, we need good stories, if the story is worth covering we would definitely definitely want to support and cover that story on the podcast.”

They also acknowledged how their thirst for exceptionally empowering stories had led them to Strivaasa. They also believe that initially they were looking into any story that inspired them and if  that had the power to inspire the nation, but gradually they realized that most stories were women centric and thus they truly witnessed the power of  woman kind.

 What is the story behind the names Anna and Ash? Prompt: as in how did you and why did you come up with silhouette names?

The two young founders were quite sure that they’d face brutal criticism. They were also uncertain of the success\failure that OFF BEAT has in its destiny thus they decided to keep it under cover.  

“We initially did not know in which direction will this podcast go, so we decided to just hide it for now, but later when we are really proud of it we will tell people with pride, that this is what we are doing and we are doing it with pride.”

In these era of crisis how does off beat podcast try to give back to the community?

Since most people are locked down in their homes, to battle this deadly virus; the reduced social contact, restricted exposure to nature has impacted the productivity and mental health of people in adverse ways.

“I don’t know why everyone has like lost motivation now-a-days. We are trying our best by providing them the motivation to get up in the morning and do things, because you could stay in your sweats the whole day if you had a choice, but to hear other peoples’ stories and relating to them and inculcating bits into their lives and helps them get out of bed and move towards a direction, as now they have these steps that they can follow.”

What does jewellery means to you? Is jewellery a staple in your everyday fashion?

They love to dress-up and accessorize, the lockdown has definitely caused a little deterioration in the dressing-up factor. They firmly believe how dressing-up can can influence a person’s being.

How often do you indulge in buying new pieces of jewellery in your wardrobe?

Both of the young entrepreneurs shared  with us, their guilty pleasure of indulging in jewellery purchases as soon as they land eyes on a spicy jewel design, “ALL THE TIME !! If it was not for lockdown, then all the time. In future I definitely wish to have a room sized closet.”

Is jewellery a form of expression for you?

According to them accessories sure are a form of expression for her and to all humankind, also the way she dress up resonates with the way she is feeling from the inside. They also believe in the importance of power dressing. and further explained as to how dressing in a particular way also provides them with everyday motivation and energy.

The two young entrepreneurs also indulge in a lot of homework before covering a story. They research on the authenticity and most importantly if the story has the potential to inspire. Where the world lacks motivation and productivity in the times of the pandemic, OFF BEAT podcast has gravely impacted its listeners by providing them a ray of positivity. The two prodigies sure do have a bright future and so does OFF BEAT podcast. We wish them great success.

ARTICLE by #SuperSTRI A.Amitabh (@aamitabhinpen)

Corona virus, climate change, cyclones and extinction are the hot and most talked about topics in the world. Amidst all this death, devastation and loss everybody sought solutions and shadowed the roots of the actual problem. According to a study conducted in 2016, every year, generates 2.01 billion tones of municipal waste which end up rotting in landfills. These natural disasters were all a result of the ecological imbalance. Since it is never too late to mend, this World Environment Day we can pledge to move forward in an eco-friendly and healthy way which would not only prove to be helpful to our health, but will also contribute into making our planet cleaner and greener.

Bamboo Bonanza

Bamboo is the world’s fastest growing plant. It can be produced in large quantities in very short periods of time. Bamboo however may not look, but is a very durable and strong substance. It is also observed that tensile strength of bamboo is only slightly higher than that of mild steel. Bamboo has the potential to replace the everyday toxic plastic that we use. The waste generated while welcoming bamboo products in our everyday lives is biodegradable and can be used as manure. Whereas plastic waste will only keep piling up in filthy landfills giving birth to even more pollution in turn. Bamboo furniture, bamboo crockery and many other products of bamboo which not only will prove to be very aesthetic but also eco-friendly and clean.

Friendly and Fashionable

Fashion in the 21st century is the most rapidly growing industry. The magic and sparkle of fashion has impacted the youth; with this there seems to be a hike in the production of fashion clothing and more is the fashion waste. There are several other ways to stay up to the trend and at the same time give back to the environment. Indulging in thrift shopping and upcycling is a great way. Upcycling also provides with employment opportunities to various small tailor shops, in turn aiding our economy in these dreaded times. Since the world has transformed into a digital jungle, thrift shopping is now easier. You can easily put your used clothes up online for people to buy and style.

Wishful Wrapping

With the outbreak of COVID-19, followed by complete lockdown, many smalls business opened up online. With this the demand for cardboard and paper spiked up to pinnacles, resulting in deforestation for timber. The world knows the ill effects that come crawling with excess deforestation. Budding business and even big industries can lend kind hands to the environment by investing in reusable/ recycled packaging. Bubble wraps made of plastic can also be replaced by honey comb paper as it is renewable, natural and biodegradeable. Strivaasa’s packaging material is made up of a hundred percent recycled paper. So now you can indulge in, guilt free, while shopping from your favorite designs from Strivaasa.

Healthy Homes

Garbage disposal is a very grave issue to tackle in a nation of 150 crore. The implementation of effective garbage disposal is not very up to the mark. Since the segregation of garbage produced in a household setup is not very complex, we can easily find ways not only to segregate garbage properly. We can also try to use a portion of our garbage into something actually fruitful. We can easily segregate all the kitchen waste [biodegradable waste], outsource some gardening equipment, loamy soil and actually forge beautiful planting pots from old plastic bottles, coconut shells and old earthen pots; and inculcate in yourself a very calming and fruitful hobby this quarantine. Lemon, green chillies, coriander and lemon grass are some plants that you can easily grow and also enjoy the fruits they bear.

Conscious Choices

As a human, you have unsaid and civic duties towards your planet; mother nature gives us in abundance. We should always thank her for her gifts and try to give back by making wise choices. To start with, we can always invest in companies that promote the consumption 0f recycled, reusable or nature friendly products. Brands like Mac and Asa beauty, have encouraged customers with discounts in exchange their used product containers for new purchases. Adidas, the shoe superstars have pledged to reduce both its own and its supplier’s green house gas emissions.

It is time that we, now, atleast, open our minds to chance and make wise decisions. It is a fact that the ongoing disasters have caused great distress to human kind. The disasters that were begotten of our own ill deeds. Now is the time to bring about a healthy change and gift mother earth some greenery, as the gift we give to earth will prove to be a beautiful present to ourselves too.

Article by #SuperStri A.Amitabh 9 (aamitabhinpen)

We come in all shapes and sizes,

Our beauty ethereally entices,

We glisten on your finger rings,

We are the best gifts one could bring.

What are we?

Does a name click?

A girl’s best friends, an essential in a lady’s wardrobe, they say diamonds are the way to a woman’s heart. Diamonds are indeed metaphors of womanhood, as every woman on this earth and beyond is as beautiful, as powerful as, as perfect and as unique as  a diamond. Since all our lovely goddesses are perfect in their own unique way so are their preferences. And their choices complement the greatness and glory that they beget from their inner pool of beauty. Ladies here is an archive of what your favorite cut in diamond has to say about you.

Princess cut diamonds:

As the name itself stands synonym to grace and poise, so are you, an epitome of pure elegance. Your bubbly vibe attracts your happy tribe. Your aura is as fresh as a daisy and you always keep a positive and sunny outlook towards life. The feminine innocence that your heart begets is where your pool of power resides.

Round brilliant cut diamond

An all rounder basic baddie with a diva’s attitude is what you are, the best of both worlds; minimalistic and basic yet evergreen. You are a complete package, filled to the brim with perfection. 

Marquise cut diamonds

An all rounder basic baddie with a diva’s attitude is what you are, the best of both worlds; minimalistic and basic yet evergreen. You are a complete package, filled to the brim with perfection. 

Cushion cut diamonds

You are as calm as a millpond. You are confident and comfortable in your own skin and the warmth that your aura projects makes you an amazing hostess, you are the best friend one could wish for. Your persona is a metaphor to water; you take shape flexibly in whichever situations you are put through. You are wise, calm headed, comforting and definitely an old soul. 

Emerald cut diamonds

All hail the queen of the diamond kingdom! Crisp, elegant, powerful, strong headed. You are the reflection of authority; the strength in your speech is a reflection to the roar of the lioness. Intelligence is your middle name, your words, your amour.

Pear cut diamonds

Hey there little miss sunshine! You are the sparkle that the world lacks; the goodness that you foster within your heart is what the world is in the most need of. You have the kindest eyes and an even kinder heart, you are understanding, compassionate and caring. You are symbolic of a warm fuzzy blanket on a chilly winter evening.

Oval cut diamonds

Bursting with brilliance, unique and fiery, you were born to shine, with that amazing personality seasoned with a little sass, okurrrr… you go girl!!! You add life to life to every party, with your contagious smile. You’d be the marlin Monroe if this world was Hollywood, ever-green, statement and legendary. You are ambitious, hard working and determined; for you sky is the limit.

Asscher cut diamonds

You my girl, are an old soul, dripping with wisdom. Your vision is indispensable and your judgment a fact. You project composure and always give the best advice when the whole world seems to collapse.  

Heart cut diamonds

Like your favorite you too have the biggest and the most giving heart. You have an angel’s soul and always wish good upon the world. You seem to have an aura deeply connected to nature. Your kindness and goodwill is infectious, you project and wish peace upon your surroundings, you have the hands of a healer and your energy makes the humankind hopeful.

Radiant cut diamonds

You are the-girl-next-door, with a little spice. The Plain Jane with that Dior glow, a simple yet sassy, your charm makes the world dance. Your simplicity and innocence is enchanting yet you love a little drama. You are that switch from a Saturday night to The Sunday Service that works with glee.

Baguette cut diamonds

You are the sinful foodie, and that projects in the choice of your diamond cut too. You live to eat and food is truly your bae. Just like you love food you love a good but small circle of friends, you are an introvert and food is truly your best friend.

Trillion cut diamonds

You foster the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone in your aura. You are independent, confident and have the power to turn heads. Your confidence is your biggest treasure and you sure do project monarch-like  power and patience.

No matter what your favorite diamond cut is, all you super stris are as brilliant as a diamond’s sparkle, unique and bright.

Article by our #SuperStri A.Amitabh

May 6, 2021

6 Yards, 6 Ways

Since ages, loved and blessed, this marvel of weave is being handed down from generations to generations. An artifact that arises from the grace of many divine goddesses. 6 yards of elegance and versatility, the Indian saree is a style statement in itself.  And if a saree once, it is sure to hold a relic-like value in your wardrobe. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to recycle the beautiful old relics of your wardrobe, this mother’s day and turn them into trend setting pieces of fashion.


Lehengas and ghagras are every woman’s guilty pleasure. Splurging insane amount of money just to get that perfect twirl moment is something all of us have done. Here is an effective way to get that perfect designer lehenga using your mom’s old saree.

Duppattas and scarves are easy extractions from an old saree, they also happens to work wonders when paired with plain kurtas and tees. To recycle an old, brittle yet beautiful silk saree, cutting out scarves off it is the best method to keep its beauty intact.


A flowy, bright skirt is the most comfortable and preferred outfit in summers. Long, silhouetted, maxi dresses are every girl’s fashion forward friend when it comes to beach getaways. Every girl in the world loves a skirt with a pretty twirls, a quirky pair of shorts and a long, elegant dress; so during this Corona virus summer indulge in unique and amazing technique to create skirts, quirky shorts and dresses using your mom’s old saree.


With the 90s fashions taking over the world, scrunchies and headbands have made a glorious comeback. Since the world seems to be crushing on the fluffy and cute scrunchies and the enchanting headbands, NOW conjure those trendy scrunchies and headbands this summer, using bits from your mom’s gorg old sarees.


When it comes to mom’s old saree the girls always seem to have the highest preference of claiming the marvel in upholstery, but it is easy for boys too to stand a chance and style your moms old saree as a beautiful safa or turban. To keep things simple patkas and scarves can also be extracted from saress to add a little sparkle to the plain dhoti kurta

It is sheer injustice to consider your mom’s old saree as a mere piece of drapery; it is indeed a form of divine blessing from the hearts of many super stris. To be able to create art using that 6-yard of blessing is truly marvelous.

This mother’s day create fashion using the purest blessing, and adorn those marvelous pieces of fashion by inculcating pieces of jewels from Strivaasa’s collection.

Article by our #SuperStri A.Amitabh

May 6, 2021

Every Mom

Not flesh of my flesh

Nor bone of my bone,

But still miraculously my own.

Never forget for a single minute,

You didn’t grow under my heart

But in it.

Fleur Conkling Heyliger

A mother does not always have to be the one who gives birth to a child. She could be anyone who takes care of a child even if they are not connected biologically. Even Lord Krishna had two mothers, one who gave him birth Devaki, and the other Yashodha Maa who took care of him and protected him. The connection might not be by blood but it is from the heart and that is the purest thing in the world. So, this Mother’s Day let’s celebrate every mother. Let us take a look at some of the Yashodha Maa’s of this generation:

Non-binary Mothers

Gauri Sawant, a non-binary activist proved us that motherhood has no particular gender. She is the first non-binary mother in India. In an interview Gauri said,” Motherhood is beyond gender; it is more of a behaviour. It was beyond any label which decided whether I could or could not be a mother. It is a feeling of caring and nurturing another individual and it can be experienced by anyone, not just the one who gave birth to the individual in question[1]. She adopted 16-year-old Gayatri, who was orphaned after her mother expired due to HIV. 

Mother Teresa

A Roman Catholic nun who devoted her life to care and serve the destitute and dying people around the world. She spent many years in Kolkata, India where she founded The Missionaries of Charity, a religious congregation devoted to helping those in great need and to look after abandoned babies. As Mother Teresa said herself, “The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread” [2], she looked after the people like a mother looks after her child. She was a living saint, a true definition of a mother.

Single Mothers

According to the Juvenile Justice Act, amended in 2006, adoption means, “The process through which the adopted child is permanently separated from his biological parents and becomes the legitimate child of his adoptive parents with all the rights, privileges and responsibilities that are attached with the relationship.” [3] Single women can adopt a child by following the guidelines of the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA), which is an autonomous body governed by the Ministry of Women & Child Development. Sushmita Sen is one of the biggest examples of a single mother. She adopted two girls, Renee in 2000 and Alisah in 2010. In an interview, she opposed the generalised views of adoption as an act of charity instead for her it was a matter of celebrating motherhood.[4]

Sapphist Mothers

Sapphist mothers either go for adoption or one mother is genetically connected to the child while the other one is a non-biological mother. In India a sapphist couple can’t adopt a child but a single sapphist can adopt a child. However, in many countries its allowed. Usually, the non-biological mother is made invisible by the law and frequently by society in general. All the legal rights of the child are given to the mother who is genetically connected to the child, still the non-biological mother loves the child likes her own.

Unmarried Fathers

Lastly, how can we forget about the single/unmarried fathers who have acted like mothers? ‘A father cannot be enough for a child, a child needs a mother’, this phrase has been proven wrong many times. With the right parenting, a father can be a mother too for his child. One example is Karan Johar who recently became a father of twins via surrogacy. It is a common belief that a mother can only take responsibility for taking care of the kid or a mother is a better parent than a father. However, times have changed, these days many men are becoming single dads either because of surrogacy or by custody of the kid.

Having a mother is great, but having someone who genuinely cares about you, looks after you, guides you just like a mother does is a blessing. Everyone has a mother who is not genetically connected to them. That person could be anyone, it could be a maternal aunt or a paternal aunt (a bhua or a maasi), a father or a brother, a teacher or a roommate, a friend or a sister, anyone who gives a motherly feeling. 

Strivaasa appreciates every mother and is celebrating them this Mother’s Day. Join the Strivaasa community by gifting your mother Strivaasa Jewellery. 

Comment below and let us know about your Yashodha Maa.

Article by #SuperStri: Rupinder Kaur (Instagram handle: @rup_k_)


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