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May 6, 2021

6 Yards, 6 Ways

Since ages, loved and blessed, this marvel of weave is being handed down from generations to generations. An artifact that arises from the grace of many divine goddesses. 6 yards of elegance and versatility, the Indian saree is a style statement in itself.  And if a saree once, it is sure to hold a relic-like value in your wardrobe. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to recycle the beautiful old relics of your wardrobe, this mother’s day and turn them into trend setting pieces of fashion.


Lehengas and ghagras are every woman’s guilty pleasure. Splurging insane amount of money just to get that perfect twirl moment is something all of us have done. Here is an effective way to get that perfect designer lehenga using your mom’s old saree.

Duppattas and scarves are easy extractions from an old saree, they also happens to work wonders when paired with plain kurtas and tees. To recycle an old, brittle yet beautiful silk saree, cutting out scarves off it is the best method to keep its beauty intact.


A flowy, bright skirt is the most comfortable and preferred outfit in summers. Long, silhouetted, maxi dresses are every girl’s fashion forward friend when it comes to beach getaways. Every girl in the world loves a skirt with a pretty twirls, a quirky pair of shorts and a long, elegant dress; so during this Corona virus summer indulge in unique and amazing technique to create skirts, quirky shorts and dresses using your mom’s old saree.


With the 90s fashions taking over the world, scrunchies and headbands have made a glorious comeback. Since the world seems to be crushing on the fluffy and cute scrunchies and the enchanting headbands, NOW conjure those trendy scrunchies and headbands this summer, using bits from your mom’s gorg old sarees.


When it comes to mom’s old saree the girls always seem to have the highest preference of claiming the marvel in upholstery, but it is easy for boys too to stand a chance and style your moms old saree as a beautiful safa or turban. To keep things simple patkas and scarves can also be extracted from saress to add a little sparkle to the plain dhoti kurta

It is sheer injustice to consider your mom’s old saree as a mere piece of drapery; it is indeed a form of divine blessing from the hearts of many super stris. To be able to create art using that 6-yard of blessing is truly marvelous.

This mother’s day create fashion using the purest blessing, and adorn those marvelous pieces of fashion by inculcating pieces of jewels from Strivaasa’s collection.

Article by our #SuperStri A.Amitabh

May 6, 2021

Every Mom

Not flesh of my flesh

Nor bone of my bone,

But still miraculously my own.

Never forget for a single minute,

You didn’t grow under my heart

But in it.

Fleur Conkling Heyliger

A mother does not always have to be the one who gives birth to a child. She could be anyone who takes care of a child even if they are not connected biologically. Even Lord Krishna had two mothers, one who gave him birth Devaki, and the other Yashodha Maa who took care of him and protected him. The connection might not be by blood but it is from the heart and that is the purest thing in the world. So, this Mother’s Day let’s celebrate every mother. Let us take a look at some of the Yashodha Maa’s of this generation:

Non-binary Mothers

Gauri Sawant, a non-binary activist proved us that motherhood has no particular gender. She is the first non-binary mother in India. In an interview Gauri said,” Motherhood is beyond gender; it is more of a behaviour. It was beyond any label which decided whether I could or could not be a mother. It is a feeling of caring and nurturing another individual and it can be experienced by anyone, not just the one who gave birth to the individual in question[1]. She adopted 16-year-old Gayatri, who was orphaned after her mother expired due to HIV. 

Mother Teresa

A Roman Catholic nun who devoted her life to care and serve the destitute and dying people around the world. She spent many years in Kolkata, India where she founded The Missionaries of Charity, a religious congregation devoted to helping those in great need and to look after abandoned babies. As Mother Teresa said herself, “The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread” [2], she looked after the people like a mother looks after her child. She was a living saint, a true definition of a mother.

Single Mothers

According to the Juvenile Justice Act, amended in 2006, adoption means, “The process through which the adopted child is permanently separated from his biological parents and becomes the legitimate child of his adoptive parents with all the rights, privileges and responsibilities that are attached with the relationship.” [3] Single women can adopt a child by following the guidelines of the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA), which is an autonomous body governed by the Ministry of Women & Child Development. Sushmita Sen is one of the biggest examples of a single mother. She adopted two girls, Renee in 2000 and Alisah in 2010. In an interview, she opposed the generalised views of adoption as an act of charity instead for her it was a matter of celebrating motherhood.[4]

Sapphist Mothers

Sapphist mothers either go for adoption or one mother is genetically connected to the child while the other one is a non-biological mother. In India a sapphist couple can’t adopt a child but a single sapphist can adopt a child. However, in many countries its allowed. Usually, the non-biological mother is made invisible by the law and frequently by society in general. All the legal rights of the child are given to the mother who is genetically connected to the child, still the non-biological mother loves the child likes her own.

Unmarried Fathers

Lastly, how can we forget about the single/unmarried fathers who have acted like mothers? ‘A father cannot be enough for a child, a child needs a mother’, this phrase has been proven wrong many times. With the right parenting, a father can be a mother too for his child. One example is Karan Johar who recently became a father of twins via surrogacy. It is a common belief that a mother can only take responsibility for taking care of the kid or a mother is a better parent than a father. However, times have changed, these days many men are becoming single dads either because of surrogacy or by custody of the kid.

Having a mother is great, but having someone who genuinely cares about you, looks after you, guides you just like a mother does is a blessing. Everyone has a mother who is not genetically connected to them. That person could be anyone, it could be a maternal aunt or a paternal aunt (a bhua or a maasi), a father or a brother, a teacher or a roommate, a friend or a sister, anyone who gives a motherly feeling. 

Strivaasa appreciates every mother and is celebrating them this Mother’s Day. Join the Strivaasa community by gifting your mother Strivaasa Jewellery. 

Comment below and let us know about your Yashodha Maa.

Article by #SuperStri: Rupinder Kaur (Instagram handle: @rup_k_)

The creator,

The nourisher,

The powerful and kind

The one who loved you

Even before your fingers with her intertwined

They say life doesn’t come with a manual; it comes with a mom-ual. A mother is synonym to true love, sacrifice, compassion and selflessness. The marvel of motherhood is beyond the concepts of matter and science, abstract and pure. Celebrate the love for your mother, this mother’s day with these fabulous quarantine date ideas.

  •  The Movie Date  

Whether you’re apart or together this Mother’s Day, connect with your mom with these amazing movies. 

  • English Vinglish
  • Nil Battey Sannata
  • Neerja
  • Badhai Ho
  • Panga
  • The Sound of Music
  • Khichidi
  • Yes Day
  • The Parent Trap   
  • The Softening Spa-at-home 

The Super Stri that catalyses the functioning of our homes effortlessly, deserves a good, relaxing me time. This quarantine mother’s day be your mom’s personal masseuse and beautician with these easy, DIY unwinding home treatments.

  • For the ultimate glow givin’ face mask,  mix 1tbsp of turmeric powder with honey and rosewater, apply a thick paste and rinse it with cold water.
  • For the perfectly hydrated and dewy skin, try the mocha mask. Mix 1 tbsp of instant coffee/cocoa powder with honey an curd to from a thick paste, put it on for 15 minutes and then rinse with cold water and enjoy the plum and delicious skin.
  • For a complete recline, there is nothing better than a mini pedicure. Soak your feet in warm water and Himalayan pink salt, followed by a mild foot scrub for an ecstatic experience.
  • The Teatime Together

 What sounds better than a steaming cup of tea, moist cakes and confections with hot gossips and reminiscing the old days with your mom on a pleasant evening? Try these finger licking good tea cake recipes to compliment the juiciest gossip session.

  • The Classic Vanilla cake, airy, creamy and delicious[1]
  • The tangy lemon loaf cake[2]
  • The evergreen sugar cookie[3]
  • The Jesting Gym date

Corona virus has locked the nation down in their homes, walks around the block and early morning jogs are a rare sight. An enjoyable and recreational workout plan for you and your mom to enjoy the adrenaline together is a perfect way to bond while keeping your endorphins up. This mother’s day sweat it out, with our easy workout plan.

  • Switch on the flexibility with Riya Ranka’s classical Surya Namaskar[4]
  • Get your sweat going for that healthy bod’ with the fitness challenge by CureFit. [5]
  • A full body dance never hurt anyone, spare 24 minutes each day to try this amazing full body workout. [6]

Considering, than one should never go empty handed for a date, so to turn on a little extra charm and take along a lovely piece of jewel from Strivaasa’s enchanting treasury for your leading lady, for your pillar of strength as a token of gratitude, for your mom. Since no piece of treasure can compare to the gift of life she has presented us with but a tiny box by Strivaasa is sure to put a bright smile on her face.

Article by #SuperStri: A.Amitabh (@aamitabhinpen)

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Upon meeting her, one is sure to get carried away by the sheer force of her personal energy – a typical army brat born and brought up in the beautiful city of Dehradun, Kamakshi spent most of her grown up life with her Grandma in Delhi while working as a corporate lawyer . Being youngest and also the naughtiest , little Kamakshi had her mama’s heart

Positivity isn’t the absence of negativity but an attitude each one can learn to inculcate . Kamakshi has had to deal with more than her fair share of  sorrows very early on in life. With the untimely passing away of her beloved mother and her father deciding to remarry , she was left all alone at a very vulnerable time of her life. While she felt for her dad’s loss and was happy as an adult to see her father wanting to move on in life, the daughter inside of her remained conflicted . These incidences took a toll on her and she battled anxiety & mild depression bravely. But not once did she let this affect her career and she continued to excel at her work and being the best rated employee  over and over again. Having worked as a valued corporate lawyer for 6 long years in the Indian banking sector, Kamakshi knew her spirit was craving  for a change and little did she know how her ‘sea’ of possibilities would come calling in the form of a fine young Captain of the Merchant Navy.  Upon their first meeting the two clicked and after dancing away the blues at the Navy Ball she decided to say ” I do” !

This sparkling love story was not without its own set of challenges of managing their life at sea as well as on land. In spite of being career focused, Kamakshi  took a leap of faith and was all set to let go of her desk job routine on land and embark upon the new adventure in her life had in store for her. While it was easy to fall prey to doubt, Kamakshi chose to look upon this challenge as a window to myriad possibilities and set assail for 5 long months with her husband in the Indian Ocean. Together they  faced two huge cyclones in the Indian Ocean this year and came out unscathed . While on ship, the world found itself in the lap of an unprecedented pandemic. Being on sea at such a time compounded their difficulties, as they were no longer allowed to step on land at any ports they touched down upon. For 150 long days she toiled in a totally new space , not getting to see family or even to walk on land. But Kamakshi didn’t let go of her spirit to continue looking for the silver lining and she utilized her time on sea by exercising, journaling, watching the sunset over the ocean and learning about how ships work . This phase breathed the much needed burst of creativity into Kamakshi’s life and she  soon saw her passion for cooking resurrect as she barbequed  fresh fish from the day’s catch for a healthy dinner . And just because she gave life a chance , she found her sea of endless possibilities in  a hopeless place and time.
Today she joyfully narrates many of the new initiatives she has in the pipeline that are keeping her productively busy . While contemplating to capture in writing her experiences of living on sea, she talks excitedly about her new craze for healthy eating and cooking. It is this new-found -love clubbed with her strong legal background of 11 years that have culminated into the birth of her very own baking endeavor which she likes to call ‘My Laws Of healthy Baking’ on Instagram. The endeavor  embodies the multidimensional role that food plays from being an instant mood lifter to providing fitness through energy bars

Kamakshi likes to look at her life journey as a quintessential of how looking at the silver lining will always bring in peace and satisfaction . She talks at length about the need to accept what life throws at us as she believes that nature is dynamic and so is human evolution …

Such stories of sparkle and spotting the silver lining no matter what the circumstance are, is what summarizes the spirit of today’s woman, who is open to taking risks in her life, courageous to step into a sea of possibilities and look for the silver lining in whatever life has to offer with a smile.

Shine on Kamakshi !

#lifeonsea #mylawsofhealthybaking  #lawyerturnedbaker #YOLO

October 20, 2020

Our precious gems

The fairer gender
They can take more pain
The weaker gender
They need to be protected
The irrational gender
They need to be controlled

Well, no more.

“One is not born but becomes a woman”, says Simone Beauvoir.

Women have come a long way since suffrage in their fight for equality. Inspired by the movements of the past, the fight continues to this day. Our main struggle in the feminist movement is individuality and choice. The power and luxury to choose in our patriarchal world belongs to our fathers and uncles and brothers who mean well but forget that the women are sentient and capable creatures.

We are now empowered with the strength we see in our mothers and grandmothers and we are here now to take what is ours.
The battle field has changed women now take the fight to the world and to claim our freedom and we claim our power.

The power to choose for our selves.
The power to wear what we want.
The power to say what we want.
The freedom to make mistakes.
The freedom to be our true selves.

October 11, 2020

The modern Indian woman

India is a modern country according to our laws. A forward-thinking one, a liberal one. One where women have the right to work if they want to, a right to get educated if they want to. However, does something written on paper always hold true in reality?

We have all seen mothers juggle having careers and being moms. We say they have “equal opportunity” as men. But how can that be true when our mindsets have never truly evolved?

Our schools expect our mothers to pick up calls about their children even if they are in an important board meeting. Our fathers expect that our mother will figure out what’s being made for dinner, even if they come home tired at 6 p.m. We assume our mothers will know our blood type and which vaccinations we’ve gotten, even if they have to remember their deliverable for their boss that night. We expect them to help us with school projects even if they have a job interview lined up. Is that truly equality?

True equality comes when we acknowledge a woman’s burden. If a woman’s place is in the office, it cannot also be in the kitchen, the PTMs, the sports days and the doctors waiting room. True equality is when the men in our lives understand that they need to step in at every level- not ask the woman what they need to do but take charge and do it themselves. Whether it is taking interest in children’s homework or ensuring the house has been cleaned, whether it is taking children to swim class or putting them to bed.

Mothers often claim their head hurts and they are exhausted, and we often wonder why and laugh it off thinking “moms always complaining about some ache or the other”. But the mental burden we put our women through in this country puts it all in perspective. In order for women to take advantage of all the opportunities we supposedly offer in this country, we must also change our mindsets. It is time to give women a fair shot at being free.


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