On Point with OFF BEAT

“The future promise of an nation can be directly measured by the present prospects of its youth.” John. F. Kennedy Strivaasa…

A Gift to Earth, Is a Gift to Yourself

Corona virus, climate change, cyclones, high tides, extinction, endangerment and spread of various diseases are the hot and most talked about…

What your preferred diamond cut says about you as a person?

We come in all shapes and sizes, Our beauty ethereally entices, We glisten on your finger rings, We are the best…

6 Yards, 6 Ways

Since ages, loved and blessed, this marvel of weave is being handed down from generations to generations. An artifact that arises from the grace of many divine goddesses.6 yards of elegance and versatility, the Indian saree is a style statement in itself. And if a saree once, it is

Every Mom

A mother does not always have to be the one who gives birth to a child. She could be anyone who takes care of a child even if they are not connected biologically. Even Lord Krishna had two mothers, one who gave him birth Devaki, and the other Yashodha Maa

Doable Dates With Your Mother’s

They say life doesn’t come with a manual; it comes with a mom-ual. A mother is synonym to true love, sacrifice, compassion and selflessness. The marvel of motherhood is beyond the concepts of matter and science.

One Virus One Nation & One Comm-UNITY

The novel Corona virus has brought the world down to its knees; the existence of humankind is at stake due to the devastating outbreak of COVID-19.

Make a Change…This Women’s Day

8th March is celebrated as International Women’s Day around the world. This specially curated day is to bring light to and…

“OFFICIAL” Impression

For centuries men and women have been adorning themselves with jewellery to enhance their perceived beauty. Women, today, shy away from styling their everyday outfits with jewellery

Raise Your Voice, Make a Conscious Choice

Since time immemorial jewellery has been used as a symbol of celebrating one’s status of royalty, divinity , power and wealth….

Leadership Lessons 2.0-Meagan Fallone

A conversation with Meagan Fallone, a 2018 Hillary Laureate and Harvard Business School alum shared insights on why women leaders can…

“Don’t let anything dull your sparkle”

Upon meeting her, one is sure to get carried away by the sheer force of her personal energy – a typical…

Our precious gems

The fairer gender
They can take more pain

The modern Indian woman

India is a modern country according to our laws. A forward-thinking one, a liberal one.

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