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The novel Corona virus has brought the world down to its knees; the existence of humankind is at stake due to the devastating outbreak of COVID-19. Amidst this global pandemic caused by an obscenely rapidly mutating viral strain, loss remains the only constant in this scenario; loss of life, economy and freedom. The world soon realized that the afflictions of this global pandemic caused due to Corona virus were obscenely grave and lethal, when the numbers of COVID-19 infected cases turned into names.

With rapid rise in severe cases of Corona virus, the world has started to face challenges in order to minimize the deaths due to Corona virus. Scarcity of beds in hospitals, shortage of oxygen cylinders for patients, lack of proper healthcare facilities and inaccurate diagnosis are the challenges that human kind is facing after having experienced marvels of medicine and technology. It is a time when, humankind needs to lean on to its fellow brethren for help, support and consolation.

In this era of biological calamity, India has proved to stand strong and united. We have shed the barriers of cast, language and race in order to stand invincible against this evil. All communities and people from different professional backgrounds have utilized best to their ability to join hands and show fight against Corona virus.                  

The Benevolent Business Tycoons

Corporate giants, Ratan Tata, Adar Poonawala and Mukesh Ambani have pledged to strengthen the nation in this biological war against a deadly virus. Tata group has committed to donate a total amount of INR 1,500 crore towards corona-virus relief fund. These funds will be utilized for providing protective equipment to medical personnel, testing kits etc. [1] Mukesh Ambani, brought us a breath of fresh air when he decided to divert oxygen produced at his refineries to help India battle this global pandemic. [2] Whereas, Adar Poonawala and many other industrialists have decided to make generous contributions in shielding India and the world against COVID-19.  [3]  

The Creative and Kind

Our Lockown HERO, Sonu Sood in his recent Instagram post, announces his infection with COVID-19 yet strengthens his will and assures the people of India that he shall stand concrete to help his country. Sonu Sood proves to be a true messiah in these adverse ages. From arranging minor day-to-day utilities to establishing a complete transport service to help the laborers and students reach their home town safely during lockdown, Sonu Sood is a true patriot and server of humankind. [5] [4]

Instagram celebrities have also played a key role, Kusha Kapila, Shereen Sikka, Trishala Sikka and many others have fully dedicated themselves to the service of the nation. Since the power of social media is unimaginable, all the influencers have harnessed this power in establishing a web of help lines, connecting the needy. Millions have been catered with their required medicines, utilities, plasma needs, hospital beds, etc[6].

The new businesses on the block

India’s most appreciated online teaching platform, Unacademy has facilitated students all around the globe with 20,000 free live classes. Considering students are the future of the nation, Unacademy leaves no stone unturned in order to ensure that the nation shines bright with a well educated and skilled army of future professionals. [7]Another tech giant Swiggy has pledged to vaccinate its 200,000-odd delivery partners and compensate for any loss of pay on the days they receive both doses of the COVID vaccine. [8]

A young and emerging brand like Strivaasa, built on the foundation of encouraging and supporting women through jewels; also pledges to donate 20% the sales to corona virus relief fund.

Small actions result in big consequences, lending a hand, a mere act of kindness is all this world needs. And in this hour of distress, the world is coming together to lend kind hands.

Our nation is in grave danger, clawed in the fangs of a deadly virus, but we pledge to stand together, take precautions, lend kind hands and win over this biological battle. The phrase, “It takes a village”, has never been more timely. The COVID-19 train has indeed caused the village to come together and stand concrete. Every single citizen stands tall against Corona virus and is always ready to embrace the needy with open arms. At this critical moment, we should all be concentrating on containing the spread of this terrible disease. COVID-19 has brought formidable threats to the life and health of people all over the world. Amid the fierce struggle between the human race and a major global epidemic, unity and cooperation is more needed than ever. Let us build a commUNITY to protect and stay protected, to give and be given. Do your bit and help your community feel safe.

Let us know in the comments section below or reach out to us on instagram on how you are contributing and supporting your community fight this novel virus

Article by #SuperStri: A.Amitabh (@aamitabhinpen)



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