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Do you think your plain white t-shirt is a blank canvas? Jewellery will help you fill that blank canvas. It serves as the colour that will perfuse a canvas. Wearing the right jewellery can help you dress up or dress down according to the occasion. Jewellery helps to define a person; it tells us more about them by the type of jewels worn. For a modern-day woman, a look is not completed until the appropriate accessories are not added. You can wear your same outfit and look different each time with the help of jewellery.

Do you sometimes struggle with your look? Worry not, the fashion police cum stylists are here at Strivaasa and they are helping you fill your canvas with colour(jewellery). Go from boring to stylish by just adding some jewellery to your plain white t-shirt.

Ways to oomph up your look:

A girl’s best friend, ‘Diamonds’

You have all heard the saying diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Make your outfit bling by adding some diamond jewellery. Stacking up various types of Strivaasa’s Tennis Bracelets, Halo Solitaires and Emerald-Cut Band Ring pairing with your denim and loose hair with soft curls will make a good daytime look.

Be Bold go for Gold

Gold jewellery has always been in trend. It is something you can never go wrong with. Gold is a staple in the jewellery world. Statement gold jewellery is in trend right now, be it chunky gold necklaces, shoulder-length dangler earrings or cuff bracelets. Wear your tee on top of a silk dress and tie a knot around your waist add Strivaasa Gold Disc earrings and Strivaasa Gold Cuff bracelet or Gold Bangle bracelet, finishing your look with white shoes.

Silver Admirer

Invest in silver jewellery if you want something versatile. It gives a very relaxed and casual appearance and seems remarkable with both Indian and Western outfits. Create an Indo-Western look by pairing the t-shirt with a long Indian skirt and wear our Silver Chaandbalis or Indie Drop earrings and cut the ethnicity with a Silver Cuff bracelet.

Blush on Rose Gold

Did someone said a casual business meeting? Don’t be confused fashion police will guide you through it. Wear your formal pants tuck in your white t-shirt and throw a blazer on top. Style your outfit with Strivaasa’s Rose Gold Handcuff and Rose Gold Screwdriver bracelet and Reinvented Infinity ring. Rose gold looks great with neutral tones also is a unique fashion statement.

Colour Pop

Think of your white t-shirt as a blank canvas, use it vivaciously. Put on some colour and make it pop. Putting it together with various colours of clothing is not the only option, jewellery can also pop up your whole outfit. There is a science behind matching up colours in the fashion industry. The neutral tones are reckoned to blend well with ruby, emerald and sapphire. Go for Strivaasa’s Floral earring with an Emerald Drop or Sapphire studs during summertime. For winter’s you can opt for the Ruby Square Studs as it is a fiery and warm colour while emerald and sapphire come under cool tones.

Rock your Crystals

Are you a crystal girl? No problem, we got you covered. They give a boho-chic vibe further, they come in different shapes. Wear breezy Palazzo with your t-shirt, top it up with a kimono shrug for a beachy look. Put on Strivaasa’s Metal and Crystal Rock earring, beach wave your hair and tie them in a loose ponytail.

Always appropriate Pearls

Jackie Kennedy, has said, “Pearls are always appropriate.” If you cannot decide on what accessory to wear for an event, then pearl jewellery would be the right answer. They are classic but not basic. Modern jewellery has raised the standard of pearls. A floral wrap skirt with a tucked t-shirt would complement Strivaasa’s statement earrings, Pearl Diamonti or Gold with Pearl Drop for a brunch or a picnic.

A plain white t-shirt can be reiterated sometimes but using a dash of jewellery serves as a fun element on your appearance. The Fashion Police has performed its purpose and now it’s time to sign off. 

Shop these looks at Strivaasa and comment below how would you style your plain white t-shirt.

Article by #SuperStri: Rupinder Kaur (Instagram handle: rup_k_)

The creator,

The nourisher,

The powerful and kind

The one who loved you

Even before your fingers with her intertwined

They say life doesn’t come with a manual; it comes with a mom-ual. A mother is synonym to true love, sacrifice, compassion and selflessness. The marvel of motherhood is beyond the concepts of matter and science, abstract and pure. Celebrate the love for your mother, this mother’s day with these fabulous quarantine date ideas.

  •  The Movie Date  

Whether you’re apart or together this Mother’s Day, connect with your mom with these amazing movies. 

  • English Vinglish
  • Nil Battey Sannata
  • Neerja
  • Badhai Ho
  • Panga
  • The Sound of Music
  • Khichidi
  • Yes Day
  • The Parent Trap   
  • The Softening Spa-at-home 

The Super Stri that catalyses the functioning of our homes effortlessly, deserves a good, relaxing me time. This quarantine mother’s day be your mom’s personal masseuse and beautician with these easy, DIY unwinding home treatments.

  • For the ultimate glow givin’ face mask,  mix 1tbsp of turmeric powder with honey and rosewater, apply a thick paste and rinse it with cold water.
  • For the perfectly hydrated and dewy skin, try the mocha mask. Mix 1 tbsp of instant coffee/cocoa powder with honey an curd to from a thick paste, put it on for 15 minutes and then rinse with cold water and enjoy the plum and delicious skin.
  • For a complete recline, there is nothing better than a mini pedicure. Soak your feet in warm water and Himalayan pink salt, followed by a mild foot scrub for an ecstatic experience.
  • The Teatime Together

 What sounds better than a steaming cup of tea, moist cakes and confections with hot gossips and reminiscing the old days with your mom on a pleasant evening? Try these finger licking good tea cake recipes to compliment the juiciest gossip session.

  • The Classic Vanilla cake, airy, creamy and delicious[1]
  • The tangy lemon loaf cake[2]
  • The evergreen sugar cookie[3]
  • The Jesting Gym date

Corona virus has locked the nation down in their homes, walks around the block and early morning jogs are a rare sight. An enjoyable and recreational workout plan for you and your mom to enjoy the adrenaline together is a perfect way to bond while keeping your endorphins up. This mother’s day sweat it out, with our easy workout plan.

  • Switch on the flexibility with Riya Ranka’s classical Surya Namaskar[4]
  • Get your sweat going for that healthy bod’ with the fitness challenge by CureFit. [5]
  • A full body dance never hurt anyone, spare 24 minutes each day to try this amazing full body workout. [6]

Considering, than one should never go empty handed for a date, so to turn on a little extra charm and take along a lovely piece of jewel from Strivaasa’s enchanting treasury for your leading lady, for your pillar of strength as a token of gratitude, for your mom. Since no piece of treasure can compare to the gift of life she has presented us with but a tiny box by Strivaasa is sure to put a bright smile on her face.

Article by #SuperStri: A.Amitabh (@aamitabhinpen)

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February 2, 2021

“OFFICIAL” Impression

For centuries men and women have been adorning themselves with jewellery to enhance their perceived beauty. Women, today, shy away from styling their everyday outfits with jewellery and this holds true particularly while dressing for work. This is primarily because women are anxious about selecting the incorrect type of work-wear jewellery and thereby coming across as being too loud and flashy or that they are not focused. If you echo akin feelings and want to accentuate your professional attire, read on: What outfit you wear and the jewellery you put on everyday to work is subject to your personal style along with your office atmosphere. In organizations which are conventional in nature, one may not want to draw unnecessary attention by dressing entirely over the top with large statement pieces. Alternatively you can wear delicate pieces such as a single stone pendant and a band style ring or a bracelet/bangle and stud earrings.  Avoid stacking jewellery especially the pieces which dangle to meetings as the noise would draw unnecessary attention which can be considered as distracting to others in the room.

On the contrary, if you have a  liberal culture at work, experimenting with your looks is recommended by us. You can consider wearing stud earrings and a wrist cuff or small hoop earrings and a colored neck piece.  You can also be experimental with an ear cuff or arm band. Always remember to not wear more than one statement piece as it will not only make you look loud and flashy but would also confuse anyone’s eyes who fall upon you. 
That said, everyone has their own unique personality and it should reflect what they wear. Browse through the Strivaasa Instagram page and have a look at a couple of these pieces .

Our Strivaasa stylists are always eager to help you pick and style the right pieces for your needs and personalities. Connect with us and shop away…


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