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May 6, 2021

6 Yards, 6 Ways

Since ages, loved and blessed, this marvel of weave is being handed down from generations to generations. An artifact that arises from the grace of many divine goddesses. 6 yards of elegance and versatility, the Indian saree is a style statement in itself.  And if a saree once, it is sure to hold a relic-like value in your wardrobe. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to recycle the beautiful old relics of your wardrobe, this mother’s day and turn them into trend setting pieces of fashion.


Lehengas and ghagras are every woman’s guilty pleasure. Splurging insane amount of money just to get that perfect twirl moment is something all of us have done. Here is an effective way to get that perfect designer lehenga using your mom’s old saree.

Duppattas and scarves are easy extractions from an old saree, they also happens to work wonders when paired with plain kurtas and tees. To recycle an old, brittle yet beautiful silk saree, cutting out scarves off it is the best method to keep its beauty intact.


A flowy, bright skirt is the most comfortable and preferred outfit in summers. Long, silhouetted, maxi dresses are every girl’s fashion forward friend when it comes to beach getaways. Every girl in the world loves a skirt with a pretty twirls, a quirky pair of shorts and a long, elegant dress; so during this Corona virus summer indulge in unique and amazing technique to create skirts, quirky shorts and dresses using your mom’s old saree.


With the 90s fashions taking over the world, scrunchies and headbands have made a glorious comeback. Since the world seems to be crushing on the fluffy and cute scrunchies and the enchanting headbands, NOW conjure those trendy scrunchies and headbands this summer, using bits from your mom’s gorg old sarees.


When it comes to mom’s old saree the girls always seem to have the highest preference of claiming the marvel in upholstery, but it is easy for boys too to stand a chance and style your moms old saree as a beautiful safa or turban. To keep things simple patkas and scarves can also be extracted from saress to add a little sparkle to the plain dhoti kurta

It is sheer injustice to consider your mom’s old saree as a mere piece of drapery; it is indeed a form of divine blessing from the hearts of many super stris. To be able to create art using that 6-yard of blessing is truly marvelous.

This mother’s day create fashion using the purest blessing, and adorn those marvelous pieces of fashion by inculcating pieces of jewels from Strivaasa’s collection.

Article by our #SuperStri A.Amitabh

The creator,

The nourisher,

The powerful and kind

The one who loved you

Even before your fingers with her intertwined

They say life doesn’t come with a manual; it comes with a mom-ual. A mother is synonym to true love, sacrifice, compassion and selflessness. The marvel of motherhood is beyond the concepts of matter and science, abstract and pure. Celebrate the love for your mother, this mother’s day with these fabulous quarantine date ideas.

  •  The Movie Date  

Whether you’re apart or together this Mother’s Day, connect with your mom with these amazing movies. 

  • English Vinglish
  • Nil Battey Sannata
  • Neerja
  • Badhai Ho
  • Panga
  • The Sound of Music
  • Khichidi
  • Yes Day
  • The Parent Trap   
  • The Softening Spa-at-home 

The Super Stri that catalyses the functioning of our homes effortlessly, deserves a good, relaxing me time. This quarantine mother’s day be your mom’s personal masseuse and beautician with these easy, DIY unwinding home treatments.

  • For the ultimate glow givin’ face mask,  mix 1tbsp of turmeric powder with honey and rosewater, apply a thick paste and rinse it with cold water.
  • For the perfectly hydrated and dewy skin, try the mocha mask. Mix 1 tbsp of instant coffee/cocoa powder with honey an curd to from a thick paste, put it on for 15 minutes and then rinse with cold water and enjoy the plum and delicious skin.
  • For a complete recline, there is nothing better than a mini pedicure. Soak your feet in warm water and Himalayan pink salt, followed by a mild foot scrub for an ecstatic experience.
  • The Teatime Together

 What sounds better than a steaming cup of tea, moist cakes and confections with hot gossips and reminiscing the old days with your mom on a pleasant evening? Try these finger licking good tea cake recipes to compliment the juiciest gossip session.

  • The Classic Vanilla cake, airy, creamy and delicious[1]
  • The tangy lemon loaf cake[2]
  • The evergreen sugar cookie[3]
  • The Jesting Gym date

Corona virus has locked the nation down in their homes, walks around the block and early morning jogs are a rare sight. An enjoyable and recreational workout plan for you and your mom to enjoy the adrenaline together is a perfect way to bond while keeping your endorphins up. This mother’s day sweat it out, with our easy workout plan.

  • Switch on the flexibility with Riya Ranka’s classical Surya Namaskar[4]
  • Get your sweat going for that healthy bod’ with the fitness challenge by CureFit. [5]
  • A full body dance never hurt anyone, spare 24 minutes each day to try this amazing full body workout. [6]

Considering, than one should never go empty handed for a date, so to turn on a little extra charm and take along a lovely piece of jewel from Strivaasa’s enchanting treasury for your leading lady, for your pillar of strength as a token of gratitude, for your mom. Since no piece of treasure can compare to the gift of life she has presented us with but a tiny box by Strivaasa is sure to put a bright smile on her face.

Article by #SuperStri: A.Amitabh (@aamitabhinpen)

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The novel Corona virus has brought the world down to its knees; the existence of humankind is at stake due to the devastating outbreak of COVID-19. Amidst this global pandemic caused by an obscenely rapidly mutating viral strain, loss remains the only constant in this scenario; loss of life, economy and freedom. The world soon realized that the afflictions of this global pandemic caused due to Corona virus were obscenely grave and lethal, when the numbers of COVID-19 infected cases turned into names.

With rapid rise in severe cases of Corona virus, the world has started to face challenges in order to minimize the deaths due to Corona virus. Scarcity of beds in hospitals, shortage of oxygen cylinders for patients, lack of proper healthcare facilities and inaccurate diagnosis are the challenges that human kind is facing after having experienced marvels of medicine and technology. It is a time when, humankind needs to lean on to its fellow brethren for help, support and consolation.

In this era of biological calamity, India has proved to stand strong and united. We have shed the barriers of cast, language and race in order to stand invincible against this evil. All communities and people from different professional backgrounds have utilized best to their ability to join hands and show fight against Corona virus.                  

The Benevolent Business Tycoons

Corporate giants, Ratan Tata, Adar Poonawala and Mukesh Ambani have pledged to strengthen the nation in this biological war against a deadly virus. Tata group has committed to donate a total amount of INR 1,500 crore towards corona-virus relief fund. These funds will be utilized for providing protective equipment to medical personnel, testing kits etc. [1] Mukesh Ambani, brought us a breath of fresh air when he decided to divert oxygen produced at his refineries to help India battle this global pandemic. [2] Whereas, Adar Poonawala and many other industrialists have decided to make generous contributions in shielding India and the world against COVID-19.  [3]  

The Creative and Kind

Our Lockown HERO, Sonu Sood in his recent Instagram post, announces his infection with COVID-19 yet strengthens his will and assures the people of India that he shall stand concrete to help his country. Sonu Sood proves to be a true messiah in these adverse ages. From arranging minor day-to-day utilities to establishing a complete transport service to help the laborers and students reach their home town safely during lockdown, Sonu Sood is a true patriot and server of humankind. [5] [4]

Instagram celebrities have also played a key role, Kusha Kapila, Shereen Sikka, Trishala Sikka and many others have fully dedicated themselves to the service of the nation. Since the power of social media is unimaginable, all the influencers have harnessed this power in establishing a web of help lines, connecting the needy. Millions have been catered with their required medicines, utilities, plasma needs, hospital beds, etc[6].

The new businesses on the block

India’s most appreciated online teaching platform, Unacademy has facilitated students all around the globe with 20,000 free live classes. Considering students are the future of the nation, Unacademy leaves no stone unturned in order to ensure that the nation shines bright with a well educated and skilled army of future professionals. [7]Another tech giant Swiggy has pledged to vaccinate its 200,000-odd delivery partners and compensate for any loss of pay on the days they receive both doses of the COVID vaccine. [8]

A young and emerging brand like Strivaasa, built on the foundation of encouraging and supporting women through jewels; also pledges to donate 20% the sales to corona virus relief fund.

Small actions result in big consequences, lending a hand, a mere act of kindness is all this world needs. And in this hour of distress, the world is coming together to lend kind hands.

Our nation is in grave danger, clawed in the fangs of a deadly virus, but we pledge to stand together, take precautions, lend kind hands and win over this biological battle. The phrase, “It takes a village”, has never been more timely. The COVID-19 train has indeed caused the village to come together and stand concrete. Every single citizen stands tall against Corona virus and is always ready to embrace the needy with open arms. At this critical moment, we should all be concentrating on containing the spread of this terrible disease. COVID-19 has brought formidable threats to the life and health of people all over the world. Amid the fierce struggle between the human race and a major global epidemic, unity and cooperation is more needed than ever. Let us build a commUNITY to protect and stay protected, to give and be given. Do your bit and help your community feel safe.

Let us know in the comments section below or reach out to us on instagram on how you are contributing and supporting your community fight this novel virus

Article by #SuperStri: A.Amitabh (@aamitabhinpen)


February 2, 2021

“OFFICIAL” Impression

For centuries men and women have been adorning themselves with jewellery to enhance their perceived beauty. Women, today, shy away from styling their everyday outfits with jewellery and this holds true particularly while dressing for work. This is primarily because women are anxious about selecting the incorrect type of work-wear jewellery and thereby coming across as being too loud and flashy or that they are not focused. If you echo akin feelings and want to accentuate your professional attire, read on: What outfit you wear and the jewellery you put on everyday to work is subject to your personal style along with your office atmosphere. In organizations which are conventional in nature, one may not want to draw unnecessary attention by dressing entirely over the top with large statement pieces. Alternatively you can wear delicate pieces such as a single stone pendant and a band style ring or a bracelet/bangle and stud earrings.  Avoid stacking jewellery especially the pieces which dangle to meetings as the noise would draw unnecessary attention which can be considered as distracting to others in the room.

On the contrary, if you have a  liberal culture at work, experimenting with your looks is recommended by us. You can consider wearing stud earrings and a wrist cuff or small hoop earrings and a colored neck piece.  You can also be experimental with an ear cuff or arm band. Always remember to not wear more than one statement piece as it will not only make you look loud and flashy but would also confuse anyone’s eyes who fall upon you. 
That said, everyone has their own unique personality and it should reflect what they wear. Browse through the Strivaasa Instagram page and have a look at a couple of these pieces .

Our Strivaasa stylists are always eager to help you pick and style the right pieces for your needs and personalities. Connect with us and shop away…

Since time immemorial jewellery has been used as a symbol of celebrating one’s status of royalty, divinity , power and wealth. However, a fast catching trend in the 21st century is that of conscious fashion – one where brands are no longer tight lipped to speak out on issues of social relevance

Strivaasa is a purpose driven jewellery brand aiming to build a conscious community of women that encourages them to aspire, hustle and conquer their dreams. As a ‘woke’ brand catering to ‘woke’ audiences we at Strivaasa raise our voice for creating awareness about the ongoing Farmer Ordinance

Wondering what does a conscious , purpose driven jewellery brand catering to modern women have in common with Indian farmers ? Well, read on to unravel the connection! 

India is a country with it’s major chunk of population residing in the villages. Around 73.2% of rural women today work as farmers. As per data from Oxfam India, agriculture sector employs 80% of all economically active women in India which makes the sector a very essential one for women of our country. The Economic Survey of 2017-18 points out to the critical phenomenon of ‘feminisation’ of agriculture sector with increasing number of women in multiple roles as cultivators, entrepreneurs, and labourers with men moving to cities.In Bihar only, 50.1% of the total workforce engaged in farming activities are presently women 

As a brand given to conscious fashion for a new-age woman of substance,  it felt but right to bring out the perspective of  how agriculture supports the livelihood of 80% of financially active women in India and how we the women of a growing India , rising India need to have an awareness about the ongoing Farmer debacle because it’s our sisters who will be impacted too. The 3 Ordinances of Farmer’s Policy are:

1.Giving farmers freedom to sell their produce in any physical or electronic market across India and not be restricted by APMC defined markets (Farmer’s Produce Trade and Commerce Promotion and Facilitation )

2.Three level dispute settlement mechanism for farmers and buyers with full pricing and tenure terms in writing with no exception. In no case can any legal action be taken against the farmer’s ownership of agricultural land for recovery of any dues (Farmer’s Empowerment and Protection Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Services) 

3.Amendment to Essential Commodities Act which takes away power from Central government to regulate essential items like food items, fertilizers, and petroleum products under situations other than of war, famine, extraordinary price rise, natural calamity of grave nature 

(Source: Legislative Brief on Agriculture Ordinances 2020 by PRS India) 

A telephonic conference with representatives and leaders from Punjab’s farmers’ organizations we sensed strong disagreement. Pushing our curiosity, we connected with the 25 year old, Rajvir* ( name changed for privacy) who holds a Masters in Agriculture from the state of Punjab and currently works for a dairy startup. Rajvir is all pumped up about the ongoing farmers revolt .  He expresses dissatisfaction about passing of the bill into an ordinance without proper Parliamentary discussion. Photographs of elderly revolting farmers getting hit by police make Rajvir livid and rebellious.  Letting people dissent peacefully in a democracy is a constitutional right of the people which must not be challenged by the government says Rajvir and adds that the farmers were doing just fine and all they needed was an increase in the minimum support price or MSP as per the Swaminathan report

However if we consider the policy from a different lens, the entire picture may not be as bleak as it might seem .Given the freedom from APMC and the access to electronic markets, women and men farmers will have a broader playing field in a pan India scenario. The middle-men in government’s APMC might lose power and probably their illegal monthly cuts too. Agriculture will perhaps break free from the existing evils of bureaucracy into a 21st century ready agrarian system that will benefit the last mile producers of our country by giving them greater freedom to sell their produce anywhere across the country , with a fixed contract that promises them a pre-defined sum for a fixed tenure of the agreement with the buyers. Lifting the limit on storage of food items will hopefully ensure that the buyers can deliver on the agreement with the farmer sisters and brothers and buy from them what they had agreed upon

While the farmers’ protest is on, we’ll be thrilled to hear you raise your conscious voice in the comments below

A conversation with Meagan Fallone, a 2018 Hillary Laureate and Harvard Business School alum shared insights on why women leaders can build a better tomorrow. 

8-year-old, Meagan Fallone spent her summer holidays as a child growing up on a farm and  fondly recalls of launching a road side lemonade stand to people driving by who were long distances between towns. The profits of the day would be handed over to her not so privileged  young friends by way of free excess lemonade!  Clearly creative thinking, spirit of service and entrepreneurship were an integral part of Meagan’s personality as a young girl. Meagan Fallone grew up to be an alum from several well respected universities and has degrees in History of modern art, fine arts and an MBA. She see herself as an ordinary and imperfect human being that dons multiple hats: mother, friend, colleague  adventurer and athlete. She also happens to work a schedule that most people would be exhausted by.

Former CEO of Barefoot College she now steps into a new role working directly between social entrepreneurs, companies and communities to work towards building new economic models that can be replicated and which ensure stakeholder value for people and planet. She remains an active and engaged woman climate leaders and a champion for the inclusion of women in both climate and renewable energy sectors globally. She is also working with the Government of Fiji and Zanzibar on building the Barefoot College’s in those locations, expanding thier vocational offering and helping to co create with Government thier impact.

Meagan has worked in the remote rural areas of India trying to find creative ways to uplift women entrepreneurs . She believes women are wired for entrepreneurship because they can see the promise and constraints and have what it takes to work around those constraints
Meagan’s views about leadership are a breath of fresh air. 

Having stepped down as CEO of Barefoot College by replacing herself with lateral leadership of 12 people , Meagan goes on to say that the measure of a leader is by how they empower their teams to tackle crisis . She states that if in India more people started to see ordinary communities and the women who are able to influence thought who live in rural areas, many issues would change faster for the positive.  Meagan also holds that succession and transfer of power is necessary for building resilient organizations and systems.

Another interesting thought bomb comes when Meagan is quizzed about how women entrepreneurs or working women can be encouraged to flourish. Building systems that reward women’s extensive skills into professional streams and into labour force will ensure women are graded on different parameters. Thus, ensuring that systems are built equally and have a capability to encourage men as well as women to progress on the basis of what comes naturally to them .To make it easy to understand she says ” diversity isn’t only about making space at the table. Its about making space that allows each person to bring their best selves to the table without getting intimidated.

Meagan Fallone is known as an international champion for Women’s Climate, Education, Economic & Social Justice. Meagan shares a special bond with India. Being a Director of Barefoot College International whose work is in 14 Indian states and now beginning to work with the agri food sector specifically around better education delivery, her commitment to India and its rural areas continues undaunted. Meagan has worked extensively with local women’s communities on matters ranging from electricity access to education and inculcating a human rights based approach to holistic development. She is a strong advocate for private sector, social enterprise and Governments coming together to co create the programs that will genuinely meet the needs of communities  and considers herself an Alumna of The Barefoot Movement for learning, unlearning and relearning.  


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