Our Team

  • Kiran PiplaniChief Empowering Officer

    Kiran Piplani got a late start in her career at the age of 45, when she took the reigns of a boutique store in Lucknow and created a small community of self-sufficient women. It is her innate desire to unleash the power of women entrepreneurs in our country to see a difference, from which the rest of the world can draw inspiration. To translate her passion into a larger reality, Kiran wants to spike the 21st generation woman in her by adapting to the current digital trend and reach a wider audience. This led to the birth of Strivaasa, a project where she tries to reach out and empower as many Indian women as possible with all her wisdom, resources and jewellery designs.

  • Aakash PiplaniFounder

    Aakash Piplani is guided by his value system which focuses on giving back to the society at large. This reflection was seen when he was selected as the youngest SBI Youth For India Fellow at Barefoot College International; one of the world’s top 10 social enterprises. After spending 2 years in rural Rajasthan, he went to the United Kingdom to pursue MSc. in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the University of Warwick. On returning, he joined Mooofarm; an Agri-tech startup and drove the business strategy. He firmly believes, technological revolution can transform our world and bring social justice. His views were aligned with his mother’s visions and decided to co-found Strivaasa, and make his mother’s dream a reality by taking a stance to accelerate the fifth industrial revolution in India.

  • Thea MehtaChief Marketing Officer

    Thea discovered her love for curation and marketing early on, and what began as a passion eventually developed into her profession. After obtaining her Masters Degree in Marketing & Strategy from Warwick Business School, she worked at El Sol Strategic Consultants. For the past few years, she has been instrumental in delivering creative growth solutions for over 10+ fashion and beauty brands. Her experience in the industry enables her to shift seamlessly from big picture practical strategy to minute, essential brand detail. When Thea isn’t busy curating strategic marketing plans for brands, she’s fulfilling her passion for travel and experiencing different cultures.


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